Here’s some of the wods that I’ve been taking part in… It’s been a love/hate thing because its weakness work, but I can definitely tell an improvement!





More to come soon. I need to stop snapchatting, instagramming, and facebooking so much. Ugh
Until next time… Live Laugh & WOD ūüėä‚úĆ

Paleo Challenge update!

Do you ever have days were you just feel… lazy? Well, yesterday was one of those days.¬† Usually after my WOD at 5:15am (yep, I’m a morning WOD freak) I feel amazing and ready to take on anything.¬† But, after sprints, hang squat cleans, and front squats, I just felt like I got hit by a train.¬† My contacts felt blurry all day and I had no appetite (yeah, me not wanting food? Weird.).¬† I had slept for about 6.5 the night before so maybe that’s why.¬† I’m an 8 hour per night sleeper; any more or any less I feel too tired.¬† I even came home after work and fell asleep for about an hour, but still felt like I wanted to lay around all day.¬† After a trip to the store, some dinner, homework, and showering, I was in bed at 8:15.¬† The feeling of laying in bed when you are tired might just be the best feeling ever!¬† Buuuut, the reason I wrote about my case of the lazies was because lately, I have been feeling just great.¬† Know why?

PALEO CHALLENGE!¬† Today’s officially day 9 (day 10 for my personal record since I started one day early) and I feel super.¬† I’m not trying to rub it in your face, but not straying from natural, whole foods feels so rejuvenating and refreshing… you should try it.

Here’s been one of my go-to meals that is quick to make and can be made in multiples so you can have tons of leftovers.¬† I’ve talked about it before but this time, I made some dip to go along.¬† I know it doesn’t look the most appetizing, but it’s some avocado, cayenne pepper, Cholula Hot Sauce, tiny bit of Paleo Mayo, pepper, and garlic powder.¬† So yummy!


Spaghetti squash… You are always a battle.¬† Whether I microwave you or cut you raw, you either always burn my hands, make a mess, or almost chop my fingers off.¬† Either way, I still think you are mighty tasty and love having you in my life.



Since extra mobility is a bonus point for the Paleo challenge, I have once again become best friends with my foam roller and lacrosse ball.¬† I just hope the noise of me rolling back and forth can’t be heard by the people below me.¬† That’d just be weird.




Eating clean also means having extra good WODs; this particular WOD knocked me on my a$$ for a few days.¬† My 5:15am CrossFit class is pretty big, so by the time I was done warming up for the cleans, the combo of weights I needed were taken.¬† It was either go big or go home.¬† I was feeling extra energized so I figured why not use 135# and try to get a couple?¬† I surprised myself and was able to use it through the whole WOD, but I only got 129 total reps (over 7 rounds), but that’s 24 power cleans.¬† At a weight that was 5 pounds under my previous max!! I was so pumped! After coming down from my CrossFit/Paleo high that day, the soreness kicked in.¬† I was beat for the rest of the week!¬† But, that was the highlight of my month, so I’ll take it!




Ah, the soothing sound of a computer printer.¬† I went and bought ink so the stupid reminder would stop popping up every 5 seconds on my screen and now it tells me the other cartridge is out and it won’t print my report.¬† Wonderful.¬† Sometimes, technology bugs the sh*t out of me.¬† And this awesome website isn’t posting things right.¬† AH!

Happy Tuesday!!

Busy as a Bee

I have been a terrible blogger lately.¬† It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been able to sit here and aimlessly type about everything that comes to mind; it’s been a hectic week and probably will be for the next 2 weeks!¬† Saturday was my mom’s birthday, Monday was my birthday, I have 3 finals this week, party on Friday, Graduation Saturday, and I have to be moved out of my place by Saturday.¬† Then Monday is the first day of my internship.¬† Whoa.¬† All so exciting!!!

Needless to say, I haven’t made any new food this week.¬† Come to think about it, I have nothing in my fridge right now… just some hard-boiled eggs and shredded zucchini. Yeah… time for the store tonight!¬† And most likely I won’t be making anything new or interesting, unlike my sister!¬†( <—- link to HER blog with some good recipes and pics!)

You know what always makes my day? Especially on my birthday? Flowers!

Both my mom and my sister got me some beautiful flowers! =) Lovely!

My other sister cooked me an amazing Whole30¬†dinner!¬† It’s so nice to have your sister living in the same¬†college-town as you! And one that is willing to cook, make it Whole30, and make it taste super good!

Lettuce wraps!

We had some good (and needed) laughs over some TV shows and got to chatter up our excitement for Wednesday afternoon.¬† We are both done with finals that day, she defends her thesis, and we will both be done with school!!! Know what that means?¬† We’re goin’ to The Pub!¬† So today will be my official last day of eating/drinking clean.

Now, I’m not going to go out and shove my face with cheese balls, candy, chips, and fried chicken.¬† No, I’m just going to drink something that’s not coffee, tea, or water for the first time in over 6 weeks.¬† I plan on continuing eating clean, even when McDonald’s,¬†the ultimate hangover food, is right down the road.¬† Some of you may be shunning me for taking a break from all this cleanliness to go out for some drinks, but what did you do to celebrate your college graduation and 22nd birthday? Hmmm??¬† You only live once, right?

I hope my inner-thigh soreness starts to go away though.  As always, the past few WODs have made me walk funny and have made it uncomfortable to sit.  Just in time for studying and sitting through hours of testing!

Enough jibber-jabber.  I have to study and get in the right mindset to demolish my upcoming WOD:

4 minute AMRAP for 3 rounds:

5 Deadlifts (135/95)

7 KB swings (55/35)

5 Hang power cleans (135/95)

rest 1 minute

I love these movements so I am actually excited to dead, swing, and hang.  HooAh!

Oh, just try to tempt me!

Check your calendars.¬† Today is officially Tempt Caroline with Everything Day.¬† It started during my 1 o’clock class when my teacher made everyone cupcakes. And I love cupcakes.¬† Then, I went to Schnucks¬†and they had SAMPLES of the Lofthouse¬†cookies… Seriously, when are there ever just free cookies sitting out? Especially those melt-in-your-mouth, icing so good cookies.¬† Next, Barnes & Noble had someone from their Starbucks walking around handing out little cups of their Mocha Chip Frappuccinos with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.¬† Thank you, society, for making my will power stronger.

I think having a killer WOD¬†a few hours prior also helped me.¬† I think I could have walked faster on my last 200m run, I was freakin’ beat.¬† And the humidity was at 200% so it was nice and easy to breathe (not).¬† But I would have this weather any day over winter!

After all that madness and my temptation-filled hours, I came home and cooked, cooked, cooked.¬† And did a sh!tload of dishes…. All while listening to Pandora.¬† What station you ask?¬† The artist’s name rhymes with fiddle gone.¬† Get it?¬† Let’s just say it was bumpin’ in here.

Swiss ChardVeggies minus eggs and meat = 4 days of breakfast!


Caroline’s Suprise






A total 180 in 10 minutes

Frustration just drained into my blood.¬† I¬†needed to¬†get away from my humid and sticky apartment and get my final paper for a class written, so I drove to Starbucks, ordered a Vanilla Rooibos Tea, opened up my computer, got out my folder that had the instructions for the final in it and…. no paper.¬† Son of a…¬† And I’m not about to pack up my stuff, drive home, get my paper, and drive back out here.¬† Is that being stubborn?¬† Lazy?¬† Maybe.

All I know is that it’s been one of those days.¬† You know, the ones where you drop every third bundle of papers during delivery, where it’s 100% humidity out and your hair looks like you’ve rubbed a balloon all over it, and you’re so bloated that you feel like wearing oversized t-shirts and lying around all day.¬† Yeah, one of those days.¬† I’m not being a negative Nancy here or anything (that’s never the answer to anything!) but I’m just putting it out there and accepting it.

Two days of class and three finals stand between me and summer.¬† And by summer, I mean a 12-week, full-time, no-pay¬†internship.¬† At least I like the place I’ll be at and the people there!¬† Have you gotten the drift that I can’t wait to be done with school??¬† I’m ready to go back to being a full-time gym rat and not worry about assignments or class.

Today, my last ever fitness column was published in the Daily Vidette.  Want to see it?  Here ya go.  It will be weird to get out of the routine of doing those!

Want to know something cool?¬† I forgot to subtract one minute off my WOD time yesterday (since I started with 1:00 on the timer).¬† That boosted my ego a bit yesterday as I remembered it!¬† Yesterday’s brutality, I mean WOD, consisted of:

4 rounds:

20 front squats (95#/65#)

20 push ups

Front delts were on FIRE!¬† A good burner though.¬† Can’t say the same for today’s…

16 minute AMRAP:

run 400m

15 push press (95#/65#)

This one was more of run, burn the shoulders for a second, and run again.  My least favorite thing.  And it was even sweeter that the smell of Dairy Queen was wafting in my mouth and nose as I was scooting along my 400m.  Gross.  This WOD sucked the life out of me and it was necessary to fall to the ground after the last push press rep was done at 15:56.

Thank god for WODs or else I would be a total b!tch some days.

Anywho, today is day 36 of Whole30.¬† I honestly have just lost count and it feels normal to eat this way all the time which is awesome.¬† I made-a some more-a MEATZA!¬†and added some broccoli slaw (thanks for the suggestion, Liana!)¬†on top and more olives since those are bomb.¬† Currently, I am using my dehydrator to dry out some zucchini to make “chips” so I’m sure I’ll munch down on those soon.¬† I keep saying I want to make some sauces for stuff; I guess the rain and nasty weather has made me super duper lazy and I haven’t accomplished much lately.¬† Besides being a clutz (klutz? hm.. you get the point).

Since sitting down and being a clumsy mess, the sun has started to shine and I can see the blue sky!¬† This time it’s the real blue, not clouds about to burst out some rain.¬† Woohoo!¬† Thanks for listening to what goes on in my head.¬† This blog and O.A.R. radio have kept me sane for the day.¬† I might actually get up and go walk around for a bit since I can feel my hams and hips tightening up every minute I sit here. I swear I’m going to start bringing my lacrosse ball wherever I go and sit on it to rub my hammies.¬† People already stare when I wear my knee socks, vibrams, or have chalk all over me, so it’d be nothing out of the ordinary to mobilize in public.¬† Right?

Iiiiiiit’s Friday!

I officially made it through¬† day 30 of the Whole30 challenge.¬† So, I decided day 31 called for a little reward…

I drove to McDonald’s and got the pancake breakfast with extra syrup, a bacon-egg McMuffin, and a yogurt parfait.¬† I hit up Starbuck’s on the way home to grab a Venti White Mocha Latte and slurped it down before I even had a chance to walk¬†into my apartment.

HA! Got ya!¬†Juuuuust kidding!¬† That’d be awful.¬† Today is like every other day of eating for me… Egg quiche for breakfast with some avocado.¬† So much better than the carb coma um, “breakfast” that I wrote about above.¬† Ew, if I really ate that, I would either be passed out about to explode or in the bathroom all¬†day.¬† Make that all week.¬† Prior to being strict Whole30¬†or Paleo, I learned my lesson the hard way about cheating and I’m not sure I want to experience that again.

Yesterday might have been a near-perfect day.¬† For one, it was warm and sunny which made for minimal goosebumps and freezing hands (that’s always a plus!!). Two, the lunch crew WOD¬†was buzzing with super motivating and positive¬†energy and we all killed the WOD!¬† Here’s what we did:

13 min AMRAP:

5 hang power cleans (95#/135# or 115#/155# for Rx+)

10 plyo pushups

150m sprint

I was feeling extra good and tried 115# and did it!¬† One note: hook grip is an absolute must.¬† I lost my hook on the 4th rep of one of my rounds and figured I’d just do my last rep with overhand grip. Uh, BAD IDEA.¬† The bar went flying and I almost made the chalk bucket spill everywhere.¬† While I was successful getting my front rack and shrug, apparently I wasn’t getting under it enough.

Yeah, I have a sweet bruise on my collar bone and it hurts.  All I need is to draw eyes and a mouth and it will look like a clown nose.

Besides having a fantastic time WODing, I reached a new and long-awaited goal!  I did one unassisted ring dip!  Thanks to Coach Janelle for pushing me! =)

I have found that up-ing the food in my post-WOD meal has helped me stay full waaaay longer than before.  Score!

To keep my from going crazy while sitting around doing homework for hours, I went to Starbucks and got an Iced Unsweetened Passion Tea. MMmmm so good.


The Schnucks¬†here started to sell grass-fed beef in the meat department which is freakin’ awesome since it saves me a trip to another store.¬† And the butcher told me¬†that I was the first one to buy it.¬†ūüėõ¬† Get used to me, buddy!¬† I cooked up some meatballs with it last night and it was delish.¬† Want to know something really weird?¬† When I opened the package, the raw meat smelled… good.¬† The thought of it kind of creeped me out because that’s just doesn’t seem normal.

Anyway, it tasted just as awesome as I knew it would; I added the meatballs to some pre-cooked spaghetti squash and tomato sauce and mushrooms.¬†¬†Why did the mushroom always get invited to all the big parties?¬† Because he was a fungi.¬† Why did the fungi leave¬†the party?¬† Because there wasn’t mushroom.¬† *Cue laughter*

Don’t you just love¬†cooking spaghetti squash?¬† I swear I’m going to chopped¬†off my hand or burn off my fingers every time I make it.¬† I tried microwaving it first before cutting it (I saw that tip on TV) and it kind of worked… After slamming my knife into the raw SOB, I popped it in the microwave for 10 minutes.¬† I let it cool, or so I thought, and cut off the ends while cursing at it for still¬†being so freaking hot.¬† The only downside of microwaving it before cutting it was that it was messy¬†and it was harder to get all the seeds out (that made for some suprise seeds in my meal).

So do I recommend it?  Depends.  If you have a huge good knife and a strong arm or a big man to do it for you, cut it raw.  Otherwise, if you get frustrated easily and usually end up pulling the knife out of the squash so hard that it flies in your face, cook it first.

All that hard work for a small bowl of dinner.¬† And no picture because it looked like a bowl of slop.¬† I’m challenged when it comes to presentation and would be the first one cut on Chopped if I ever got on the show.

Enough blabbing for today РI have to get right for some mobility and skill work today.  Happy Friday!


It’za meatza!

Today has been 100 times better than the past two days, thank god.¬† It started to get better last night when I went to go see Shrek the Musical with my sister!¬† It was hilarious and I got to spend time with my soon-to-be-wed sister, so we chatted about her wedding and now I’m even more excited for her (and her fianc√©e!)¬† Even though I got home late and went to bed almost 2 hours later than usual, I still slept like a rock.¬†¬†[I didn’t move at all again. Two nights in a row of no movement during sleep = slightly sore hip in the a.m.]¬† But, I woke up feeling great, not bloated, and not craving something that I shouldn’t.¬† Woo!


After my first class, I made my way to get my CrossFit on.  It kicked my @ss.  Literally.  I am already sore.  Instead of toe 2 bar, I did GHD sit-ups because my hands were of stage 2-rippage from earlier this week.

Needless to say, 168 overhead walking lunges are no joke.¬† Neither are 84 GHDs.¬† And thanks to peer pressure, the tabata¬†sit-ups and supermans put the cherry on top.¬† Walking and standing up straight tomorrow will be interesting.¬† BUT, I felt AMAAAAZING¬†afterwards.¬† I ‚̧ WODing!¬† =)¬† Kind of obsessed.

I am trying out a new recipe!¬†¬†MEATZA!¬† I made a smaller recipe since it’s just me eating it and I wouldn’t want anything to go bad.¬† Here’s the info:

1 lb. ground beef

1/2 cups tomato sauce

1 cup (maybe more) shredded parsnips

1 cup (about) shredded zucchini

olives (Lindsay brand is the best!)

Organic shiitake mushrooms


Heat oven to 400 and bake for 30 minutes.  It really is that easy!

The finished product!

It might not look the most appetizing, but I had to hurry and put the rest in the fridge before I plowed down the entire thing.¬† So I would call that a success!¬† Besides spilling olives everywhere, making the toppings spill all over my shirt, and almost ruining the whole thing.¬† Hmm… guess it’s a clumsy day!

Random annoyance of the day:¬† I was pulling my blinds up to open the window and they snapped in half and fell.¬† Really.¬† This will be my 4th set of blinds that I have gone through this year.¬† Either I’m too strong for these blinds or my apartment place just keeps giving me crappy blinds.¬† I’ll go with number 2.¬† So now I have no blinds on one window… I’m glad I have tall bushes in front of it so I can still dance to Nelly while I cook (usually it’s Wayne Dyer, but I was feeling a little Country Grammar today).

And one of the most important things…. It’s the end of DAY 29! What what?!¬† It doesn’t matter too much though because I am going until May 9th ūüėȬ† But still.¬† Pretty pumped!