Blueberries and Jelly Beans

Having less ‘real’ school work has been amazing.  People always told me to “cherish my time in college” because once I started working in the real world, I would want to go back in time.  I have never been the I-love-school type of person; I like to work, especially when it’s something I’m passionate about.  Even though I just graduated, I would not want to go back to daily classes, homework, tests, constant deadlines, and minimal income, if any (well, I’m still getting through that last part, but only a couple more months as an unpaid intern).

With that said, I have had more time to get more involved in the things I love – cooking, blogging, reading, having weekends with no homework (well, besides a weekly report due), and listening to some of my favorite audio.  Do you know who Dr. Wayne Dyer is?  You should.  My mom introduced me to his work a few years back and things have totally changed for me.  Since I have more time to actually listen to things while I’m not studying or homework, I’ve started becoming more aware of a number of things… and it feels lovely!

Here he is… Such a wonderful person.








Anyway, since most of my days start at 4am, I am back home around 3pm, at the latest.  My internship supervisor is so cool and usually let’s us leave early, so some days I’m home around noon.  On those days, I take advantage of it and head out to the pool for a bit to enjoy the rare warm weather of Illinois (and that fact that I can walk to the apartment pool!).  When I’m not prepping or cooking food, writing papers, cleaning, or doing other fun things, I’m gathering music.

I’m obsessed with music.  One of my nicknames (thanks to my sisters) is DJ C-Dub; come to find out, there actually is a real DJ C-Dub… that sucker stole my name!  The past week, I have downloaded some monstrous songs and blasted them in my car and in  my apartment.  Wanna know what I listen to?  Anything from Young Jeezy, Five Finger Death Punch, Skrillex, LMFAO, Chris Brown, Chevelle… then the soothing voice of Dr. Wayne Dyer.  If people heard all this (maybe they do), they probably think I’m an ADD music-aholic.  And they’re right.

I also just got on Spotify! Hooray!

I had a dream last night.  A dream about cheating on the Paleo challenge.  What’s wrong with me and dreams about eating bad food?  I’m not even craving anything bad and am totally cool where I’m at.  In the dream, I ate… get ready… jelly beans.  Ew, seriously?  That’s not even a food I would ever imagine slipping into a sugar coma for.  Then I lied about it and didn’t write on my recording sheet that I cheated.  I’m a lying jelly bean eater cheater.  Can you tell I have an exciting life?

One thing that is exciting is that I love my internship and working with young athletes.  There’s this one kid there (he’s probably 10 or so) who told me he was too tired to do anything because he was up late talking to his girlfriend on Facebook.  He then continued to tell me that they talked about marriage and that he wants 3 or 6 kids.  I thought it was pretty hilarious and kept egging him on, but it was kind of creepy how serious he was about everything.

Random facts of the day:

-Blueberries are my new obsession.  Expensive, but worth it if you only eat them one at a time.  I even brought them to a movie with me.

-There are killer pigeons that live outside of my window.  And they sh*t on my car like there’s no tomorrow…. and it kind of looks like blueberries.  Sick.

-My legs feel like they got beat with a bat while I was sleeping.  Thank you deadlifts, front squats, and squat cleans.

-Paleo challenge.  Almost 2 weeks down, 5 more to go.  Then time for the most epic float trip ever!

That’s all.  I have to go get ready to deal with these little athlete munchkins for the rest of the day!

It’za meatza!

Today has been 100 times better than the past two days, thank god.  It started to get better last night when I went to go see Shrek the Musical with my sister!  It was hilarious and I got to spend time with my soon-to-be-wed sister, so we chatted about her wedding and now I’m even more excited for her (and her fiancée!)  Even though I got home late and went to bed almost 2 hours later than usual, I still slept like a rock.  [I didn’t move at all again. Two nights in a row of no movement during sleep = slightly sore hip in the a.m.]  But, I woke up feeling great, not bloated, and not craving something that I shouldn’t.  Woo!


After my first class, I made my way to get my CrossFit on.  It kicked my @ss.  Literally.  I am already sore.  Instead of toe 2 bar, I did GHD sit-ups because my hands were of stage 2-rippage from earlier this week.

Needless to say, 168 overhead walking lunges are no joke.  Neither are 84 GHDs.  And thanks to peer pressure, the tabata sit-ups and supermans put the cherry on top.  Walking and standing up straight tomorrow will be interesting.  BUT, I felt AMAAAAZING afterwards.  I ❤ WODing!  =)  Kind of obsessed.

I am trying out a new recipe!  MEATZA!  I made a smaller recipe since it’s just me eating it and I wouldn’t want anything to go bad.  Here’s the info:

1 lb. ground beef

1/2 cups tomato sauce

1 cup (maybe more) shredded parsnips

1 cup (about) shredded zucchini

olives (Lindsay brand is the best!)

Organic shiitake mushrooms


Heat oven to 400 and bake for 30 minutes.  It really is that easy!

The finished product!

It might not look the most appetizing, but I had to hurry and put the rest in the fridge before I plowed down the entire thing.  So I would call that a success!  Besides spilling olives everywhere, making the toppings spill all over my shirt, and almost ruining the whole thing.  Hmm… guess it’s a clumsy day!

Random annoyance of the day:  I was pulling my blinds up to open the window and they snapped in half and fell.  Really.  This will be my 4th set of blinds that I have gone through this year.  Either I’m too strong for these blinds or my apartment place just keeps giving me crappy blinds.  I’ll go with number 2.  So now I have no blinds on one window… I’m glad I have tall bushes in front of it so I can still dance to Nelly while I cook (usually it’s Wayne Dyer, but I was feeling a little Country Grammar today).

And one of the most important things…. It’s the end of DAY 29! What what?!  It doesn’t matter too much though because I am going until May 9th 😉  But still.  Pretty pumped!


Monday fun day

You know what today is?  Monday.  Obviously.  It’s also the busiest day of the week and the day to go grocery shopping.  But, most importantly, today is day 20.  Yes, that’s TWO-ZERO.  Ten plus ten.  Two weeks and 6 days.  480 hours.  28,800 minutes.  Okay, you get the point; can you tell I’m pretty stoked?

Things have been up and down with my Whole30 experience.  It started off great and I felt like things were going to be  breeze.  Then, day 13 came and my cravings were awful (it didn’t help the hormone monsters were visiting…).  Visions of sugarplums were taking over my head, but I survived.  Barely.

This past weekend might have been the easiest weekend of eating I’ve been through.  On Friday, I made a ton of veggies and cooked up some meat so I could bring them with me when I went back home for a couple of days.  Again, preparation is the key to being successful.  Something else that has been saving me is toasted coconut flakes with cinnamon.  Whoa, they are awesome.  They kind of remind me of my fave cereal Cinnamon Toast Crunch (I couldn’t tell you the last time I ate that!)

Today is also the day I usually have to make a trip to the grocery store to stock up for the week.  Ohhh it’s always an interesting trip.  I got stopped by three different people who wanted to know about my Vibrams.  One of them actually said he likes the look of them- that’s a first!  I still think they’re super ugly haha

The best part of going to the store… The checkout line.  I think the cashiers dread when I roll up to check out because they have to figure out what veggies I have and type in the code for all the separate bags.  Today I got asked what kale was and then she rang my parsnips up as turnips… close enough I guess.

I made my weekly breakfast while listening to Wayne Dyer’s “Wishes Fulfilled”.  whenever I listen to his stuff, my whole mindset changes and everything falls into place.  Ahhh, it’s like heaven.

Dinner time!  I threw together a bomb salad with steak on top.  My plate was so full that while I was eating it, pieces were falling all over me.  I’m glad no one was here to watch me eat – I probably look like a starved slob who hasn’t ever eaten.  Hey, I was hungry.  And I was trying to pay attention to my guilty pleasure TV show, Wheel of Fortune.  If I would ever get on that show, I would totally rock it.  Not to sound cocky, but I would. 😉

I just noticed that my collar bones are bruised from working on cleans today.  It looks really awkward having two dark spots there… at least it matches my bright red thumbs (hook grip, what?!).

Fact of the day:  100-calorie pack Lorna Doone cookies used to be my snack and dessert when I was in grade school/ high school.  I am so glad I have replaced them with veggies, nuts, and meat.  Although, they caught my eye at the store tonight and made me drool a little bit.

Nom nom nom nom




Bison, broccoli, and kale… Oh my!

I was so excited to write about my dinner that I didn’t even do the dishes yet.  It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was gooooood.  Like I-felt-like-I-was-cheating good.  So what was this stupefying, amazing, yummy-in-my-tummy meal?

#1: Bison burger with salsa (chopped tomato, onion, lemon juice, herbs)

#2: “BBQ” Kale chips (I added chili powder)

#3: Broccoli & mushrooms (sautéed in coconut oil; garlic powder, pepper, and a little balsamic vinegar)

I was nervous about the broccoli and kale because I ate so much of them last year, that I thought I was still kind of burned out on them.  WRONG.  The broccoli tasted like the kind from one of my favorite places (MCL..yep.) and the kale chips gave me my chip fix.  I could re-eat that meal again in a heart beat.  The best part?  I don’t feel over-stuffed, bloated, or gross.  Now that’s a Whole30 success meal.

Know something that was gross?  I was walking home from class this afternoon and this boy that was walking behind me was hocking loogies every 10 seconds.  Yes, I started counting seconds between hocks.  He was kind of far behind me and I swear I’d hear the loogies land closer and closer to me.  Sick.  I turned around and gave him “a look”, but he had on his over-sized headphones and was looking at the ground.  So if you come across a loogie trail on campus, it wasn’t me.

And that was the ending of a day that started off the right way.. last night.  Right before I was going to lay down, I heard a car pull into my parking lot – the music was stupid loud.  It gets better.  The driver crawled out of the drivers seat, careful not to spill her beer and yelled (to my neighbor) “Get ready biiiiiaaaatch!”.  Two seconds later, the bass started bumpin’ and the jewelry on my walls shook.  Wiz Khalifa isn’t my idea of a lullaby.  15 minutes after listening to deafening music, they turned it down to a quiet roar.  Oh, I love my neighbors.

While I was waiting to get my hearing back, I scrolled through Pinterest… always a bad idea before bed.  And when you don’t eat sweets and are poor.  The no-bake Reese’s brownies and cookie dough bake made me drool before I decided I needed to stop dreaming and waste my time looking at my dream house ideas!

A small disclaimer: I know I always talk about cheat foods – you probably think I’m obsessed with cheating and have a terrible time sticking to Paleo and Whole30.  Well, to clear some things up, I do love my sweets but prior to the Whole30 challenge, I didn’t cheat that much.  I only like to pretend and visualize how awesome the foods would taste; then real world kicks in I know how it affects me and how it’s not worth it.  So no, I’m not a sweet-eating monster.  But, if they were Paleo I would be!  For now, my dinner is tops and no cookie or ice cream can get me down!

Today’s the end of day 15!  Awesome, right?!  I feel like it hasn’t even been that long so hopefully that means that the next 15-25 days will go just as fast!

Having a strict WOD schedule helps out too – Today (at Fit Bodies) was 5 rounds of 10 power cleans and 15 toe to bar… My toe2bar need work.  bad.  I thank them for the 3 new nasty bubbles on my hands!  The soreness is starting to kick in a little bit – like holding my arms out to do things kinda hurts.  But I can’t wait to WOD again tomorrow… unless there are burpees then I can wait to WOD.  You know what I mean.

Alright all you people…thanks for reading my blog and listening to me babble on about my life.  You’re awesomely cool – good karma should be sent your way! =)

Quote of the day: “Our lives are what our thoughts create” -Wayne Dyer

^^I like that quote and that man so much that I have it as a permanent reminder on me.  You rock, Wayne!

Day 2 hubaloo

DREAM ALERT!  So almost every night, I remember all of my crazy dreams and love to try to analyze them.  Last night, I had one the I cheated…. no, not on my boyfriend… even worse.  On my Whole30 (ha kidding about the bf).  I was out to dinner with a whole bunch of people and started eating a salad with croutons and french dressing.  Then had some other stuff and didn’t realize I was cheating until after I was done eating.  Talk about a freak out session in a dream!

Analyze it, Caroline!. That’s not healthy to be thinking about cheating and getting so upset.  I read a post about cheating in dreams before, but I feel I know my level of control and am going to calmly keep going at it.  I already feel awesome and still super freakin motivated.  Plus, Wayne Dyer entered back into my life today (see below) so everything seems 100 times better =)

So, yep, Day 2 = successful.  Well, it’s not quite over but I know I am going to be good.  I found a really good breakfast. An I-wake-up-excited-because-I-get-to-eat-it good meal.  Here it is if you want to try (highly suggested!).

It started raining out about an hour ago and since then I feel like my mood got worse.  Actually, I take that back.  It started when I went to my class today… It’s supposed to be a class that prepares us for our MANDATORY summer internship, but it’s more like a stress-filled, cortisol-heightening 50 minutes.  I’m not the only one that feels like that so I don’t feel as bad saying that.  I found out that we have to write a bazillion papers all summer; not that many, but it seems like it!

Walking back home from hell class, I walked by a girl on the phone with her boyfriend (I’m assuming), yelling about her calling him and being all psycho.  That made me walk a little faster, didn’t want to hear that.  Then I almost got hit by a car.  That’s always exciting (not my fault).

I went to Starbucks because my HUGE apartment sometimes gets to me (joking, it’s perfect size for a hamster).  The aroma of coffee always helps the day seem a little brighter and it definitely helped me plow through some homework.  I brought my own snack to eat there because their Cake Pops and over-sized, heavenly cookies don’t make my Whole30 list.  So I hope that the people sitting around me liked the smell of hard-boiled eggs haha

What really topped my day off (for real) was listening to “Wishes Fulfilled” by my idol, Dr. Wayne Dyer while I was making food for this weekend.  I think I had goosebumps the entire time I was listening, it was beautiful and I can’t wait to listen to more!  If you haven’t read or heard of him, it’s life-changing!

All that’s left of my second day of Whole30 is brushing my teeth, showering, and gawking at all the apartments/condos on ‘Selling New York’.  And maybe some Food Network.  I watch it way too much and it makes me hungry so it might not be cool to watch right now.

Lesson of the day, as stated by Bob Marley: “Don’t worry about a thing…’cause every little thing gonna be alright”