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Can you believe it’s Monday, June 18th?!  I’ve been graduated for over a month, I’m halfway done with my internship, and it’s already the third week of the Paleo challenge.  Speaking of that, I had to subtract points for cheating for the first time since the start of the challenge.  Saturday night, I had a glass of wine and Sunday I had wings… and they were pretty darn yummy.

But, I’m 100% back on track and didn’t feel too icky after divulging into non-Paleo goodies; I’m just proud I didn’t give into any of the homemade pies or cookie dough cupcake (what the f, YUM) that were at the Farmer’s Market.  That place would be the ultimate place to get cheat food, take it home, curl up and nibble all day.  Good thing I know that side effects and would have a week full of headaches, clothes that don’t fit, and constant trips to the porcelain throne.

Yesterday, I went to the gym and got to do a WOD with fellow beasts; they did 4 workouts but I peaced out after 1 so I could spend some more time with my boy before leaving again for the week.  Here’s the one I did partnered with Molly:


Bent knee good mornings (95, 105, 115, 120, 135, 145)

Ring Dips

Accessory movements:

GHR partner assisted 2 x 12

Hip extensions 1 x 30

Standing db throwbacks 3 x 12 @ 30#

If I wasn’t partnered with her, I probably wouldn’t have gone as hard!  It’s so nice to have someone to work with and push you harder than normal, especially when it’s your older sister who you’ve been trying to catch up to since the old days at Muscle Corp.  and playing hours of 1-on-1 basketball on the driveway!

The most exciting thing I did this weekend was REGISTER FOR MY CROSSFIT LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATION!!!!!!!! I wanted to do it before the end of 2012 and finally gave in and signed up.  September 8th & 9th are going to be dates that I will never forget.  What makes it better is that I get to go with 6 fellow CrossFit Instinct members – I. Cannot. Wait.  I went to bed feeling excited, nervous, and happy with the decision I made.

Then my ‘beautiful’ iPhone harp alarm went of at 4am, letting me know that I need to get my @$$ up and go workout.  I knew what I had coming because I woke up around midnight and checked the WOD for Fit Bodies.  More hamstring work with overhead stuff… hellooooo triceps and legs!  All I can say is that walking up the 3 flights of stairs to my apartment isn’t cool.  Every step I feel like I’m going to fall backwards.  Needless to say, carrying 10 bags full of veggies and meat up those stairs felt like a WOD.

After catching my breath and gathering myself, I spent 2 hours cooking!  Thanks to Nelly radio on Pandora, it made things go a lot quicker.

So this was my attempt at making zucchini fritters… they didn’t come out very pretty or presentable.  But, they taste awesome so that’s all that matters!  I didn’t really measure anything too precisely but here’s what’s in them:

-6 small shredded zucchini

-1 red onion

-1/2 cup broccoli cabbage mix

-Cholula sauce

-3 eggs

-1/4ish cup coconut flour


This picture is only half of what it made… I am cooking for all week so now I have plenty!


Doesn’t this look like puke? Haha it looks disgusting, but is actually pretty good.  I’m going to use it on meats and mix in with tuna and salmon.  I will probably add other stuff to it too, like avocado or paleo mayo, depending on my food mood.

-almost a full bunch of Kale

– 1/2 can tomato sauce

-1 can green olives

-some olive oil & lemon juice



This was basically to get rid of some things in my kitchen, so it’s trial and error with ingredients.  I really just wanted to throw raw kale in the food processor and see what happened… and this happened.  Puke-looking, um, Pesto?


My favorite!  Paleo Mayo .  This mixes with everything and can be tweaked into any flavor with some spices and imagination!









…and this is what happens when you get lazy scraping the mayo out of the food processor.  I was sad that almost 2 tbsp. of my beloved mayo was now inedible and all over the floor.  Grr.









I also cooked up some beets, eggs, and meat.  Now all I have to do all week is eat.  And I never ever have problems with that!


Cookin’ with my Skrillet

Mark your calendars! Paleo season is in full swing! As I said in my last blog, tomorrow is the official beginning of CrossFit Instinct’s Paleo Challenge – I’m throwing on my animal hide 60 days of hunting meat, foraging vegetables, nibbling on little amounts of nuts and seeds, and getting full of radiant health.  Okay, not that extreme but I’m excited to tackle another challenge.  Being the overenthusiastic and slightly-OCD person I am, I decided today will be the first day I stay 100% Paleo.  Simply, I have been allowing too many cheats into my mouth.  They’re sneaky like that.

Last weekend, I gave into peer pressure and inhaled some ice cream (chocolate chip cookie dough and mocha almond crunch to be exact- and it was freaking awesome) and then had a food baby for 2 days.  Later in the week, since I was already on a downward slope, I decided that some dark chocolate covered almonds would make me feel better.  WRONG.  The food baby appeared again.  Once a month, sweet cravings take over me and I am under their power for a few painful days…

But now, I’m on track and even bought Melissa Joulwan’s cookbook, Well Fed, and it is awesome; tons of easy recipes and ways to tweak everything.  I HIGHLY suggest her book if you need some Paleo-spiration.  I also bought the iPhone App, Fast Paleo for even more ideas and more excuses for me not to slip up and end up in a carb-coma.

An idea from Well Fed –
1/2 red pepper
1/2 cucumber
small handful of olives
small handful of snap peas
some banana peppers
chicken breast (cold)

Here’s a picture of one of the things I already made… Chopping, cooking, and cleaning are always done best when listening to Skrillex Radio on Pandora (hence the title; Skrillex + Skillet = Skrillet).  It automatically makes you go faster and bust out some dance moves!  Good thing I live up high and people can’t see me… I think.

It’s so good and the veggies are good alone or dipped in paleo mayo.  I usually add weird things (like hot sauce) to the mayo and use that as a dip for everything.













cauliflower Rice

Here’s some cauliflower rice before being cooked.  This stuff is the $h!t.  This is a full head and it makes about 3-4 cups and tastes like heaven with coconut aminos.  I’ll be making a ton of this and upping my cauliflower intake for life! 








Well I made more stuff and took more pictures but my computer decided to not upload them so I guess that’s all for now.  Hopefully more to come later!

Do you hear that?  Oh, that’s just the pool calling my name.  Time to go get my dose of Vitamin D!  😀


Oh, just try to tempt me!

Check your calendars.  Today is officially Tempt Caroline with Everything Day.  It started during my 1 o’clock class when my teacher made everyone cupcakes. And I love cupcakes.  Then, I went to Schnucks and they had SAMPLES of the Lofthouse cookies… Seriously, when are there ever just free cookies sitting out? Especially those melt-in-your-mouth, icing so good cookies.  Next, Barnes & Noble had someone from their Starbucks walking around handing out little cups of their Mocha Chip Frappuccinos with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.  Thank you, society, for making my will power stronger.

I think having a killer WOD a few hours prior also helped me.  I think I could have walked faster on my last 200m run, I was freakin’ beat.  And the humidity was at 200% so it was nice and easy to breathe (not).  But I would have this weather any day over winter!

After all that madness and my temptation-filled hours, I came home and cooked, cooked, cooked.  And did a sh!tload of dishes…. All while listening to Pandora.  What station you ask?  The artist’s name rhymes with fiddle gone.  Get it?  Let’s just say it was bumpin’ in here.

Swiss ChardVeggies minus eggs and meat = 4 days of breakfast!


Caroline’s Suprise






Day 30… Hooray!!!

Today is day 30 of my Whole30 challenge; I kind of can’t believe that it’s already here and that I was able to make it 100%.  More than anything, this was a learning experience for me.  Here are the things I have learned over this past month:

Going public was the key.

The reason I started this blog was to put it out there on a public website that I was attempting something that I knew I’d need to be held accountable for.  I didn’t care (and still don’t) if no one reads this, it’s the fact that I can vent about whatever and keep myself on track.  In my head, I felt that if I cheated, I would be held accountable by my blog… Kind of weird, but it has literally helped me so much.  Facebook also helped; I got tips, recipes, and encouragement from so many people =)  Living in a college town surrounded by drunk kids isn’t always the most motivating setting… that’s why I attribute my success to this blog!

When I get bored, I get “hungry”.

This might have been my biggest struggle during the Whole30.  Since this month is April, I am/was finishing up big projects and homework for my final semester here at Illinois State and found myself bored a lot.  By bored, I mean sitting, staring at books, and aimlessly typing on my computer for hours.  I started to notice that I would think I was hungry, but it was more mental than physical.  Even if I would have a good portioned meal, ten minutes later I would be craving more.  This got old fast.  Then, I found my savior.

Vanilla Rooibos tea.  The taste of it is slightly sweet in a weird way, but always satisfied me and kept me from overeating or indulging in the bad stuff.  Who would have thought that tea would keep me on track?  This stuff is bomb.

I need more for my post-workout meal.

I recently just figured this out.  After talking to my sisters and CF coaches about my bad hunger pains about 30 minutes after my normal post-wod meal, they all told me the same thing – EAT MORE!  Usually, I would have 2 hard-boiled eggs and one sweet potato baby food.  So now, I am eating 1.5 or 2 (depending on the wod intensity) baby foods and 2 eggs + 2 whites.  After I run through my baby food storage, I am going to try to switch to real sweet potatoes and see how that goes.  So to all you people who enjoy the aroma of my eggs and the perfect mixture of baby food, I am happily going to keep doing it 😛

Numbers don’t work for me.

Something I didn’t do when starting Whole30 was weigh myself.  I had an idea of where I was because we have to do height and weight for some  of the fitness tests we do in my classes, but I typically hate weighing myself.  I always have and I think it’s because I have always been tall compared to everyone and my numbers were always over what everyone else was, so I would avoid it at all costs.  I have grown out of that stage and I could care less if people know what I weigh, but it’s still a stupid numbers game that is planted in too many people’s heads.  The scale tells you nothing.  I even vented about it in a previous post.

Some people have asked how I track my progress if I don’t weigh myself… DUH! There’s so many ways… I pay attention to the way I feel, how my workouts go, and how my clothes fit.  If I focused on numbers, I would be in a hissy 24/7.  I didn’t bother taking pictures either because I would be too tempted to compare myself and that’s a negative thing for me to do.

My body takes a long time to adjust and change.

Unfortunately, I am not the type that has one of those magical bodies that changes a week after I change something… not even after three weeks do I see a physical difference.  Literally today may be the first day that I noticed a tiny change physically.  I know that it takes an average of 6 weeks for physical changes to happen, but you know how frustrating it can be especially reading people’s success stories after only 20 or 30 days.  That is another reason why I am dragging out my Whole30 for some more time.  Mentally, the changes took place really fast, which is awesome!  So, I have come to peace with the fact that I am a slow-changer and am glad that I started when I did.

I am very sensitive to carbohydrates.

I first found this out when I started living the Paleo life about 2 years ago, but I had no idea just how sensitive I was until this challenge.  I have to limit my veggies, or else I am a bloated gross mess – that goes for all types of veggies.  I can’t eat broccoli (my favorite!), cauliflower, brussels sprouts, or asparagus either.  Those kill my stomach.  So what do I eat, you ask?  Zucchini, kale, and spinach have become my three amigos.  I sparingly add in some root veggies, such as: parsnips, carrots, spaghetti squash, and beets.  Oh! and how could I forget my new fave, swiss chard!  I love my veggies, but I have to limit them unless I want to walk around looking 6 months pregnant.

I have the greatest people in my life.

Throughout my journey, I have received great support from everyone!  I knew that I had amazing people around me, but this really made me see it.  I am lucky to have two “home” CrossFit boxes and each of them has a special place in my heart.  The people at Fit Bodies CrossFit and CrossFit Instinct keep me going, physically and mentally.  Being able to have that community of people is such a huge part in my life and is a positive escape that I know I always have.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and I am so grateful that everything has happened the way it has.  So here’s to you… Thank you!


So yes, after I brush my teeth tonight and lay in bed, it will officially be the end of 30 days of this learning experience.  As I have said earlier, I am going to continue living by these guidelines… until May 9th.  Why that day? Well, don’t hold it against me.  That’s the last day of my finals and my sister and I are going to celebrate!  She is graduating with her Master’s and I will have my Bachelor’s degree… and it’s 2 days after my 22nd birthday, so I say that’s reason to have a drink.  Or three. Or more.

Besides that, I want to keep eating good – No excuses for small cheats or excuses.  The thing is I know I can do it, so it’s just a matter of doing it!  The day I sip my first non-Whole30 drink will be day 43, so I will hae completed 42 days of a super clean lifestyle.  That’s 6 weeks.  It’s already been kind of a roller coaster of emotions, cravings, bloatings, headaches and wonderful highs from clean eating.  And I don’t regret one bit of it.

I got that obsessed feeling today…

…and it came after my WOD.  Yes, I felt that ‘high’ after CrossFti today and it was awesome.  Here was the WOD:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of:

Box jumps (30″/24″)

HSPU (I did mine kipping to 2 ab mats)

Toes 2 bar

I don’t know if it was the conquering feeling of stringing together multiple HSPU or the fact that I was able to get back up on a 24″ box.  I haven’t used one in a WOD since I was hurt in November, so it was a tad scary to hop back up there.  The energy was buzzing at the box today and I got a nice chalky, sweaty workout in.

I finished up my parsnips today (booo) and have a tiny bit of swiss chard left (double boo)… How weird is it that vegetables are what I look forward to eating now and not meat or fat?  I call that a success! So be looking next week for some new recipes that I maaaay be making.  Even though I’m not the best chef, I love cooking and knowing that it’s clean, healthy food.  Empowerment at its finest.

One week and I’ll have hit the 30 days.  BUT, remember, the end is not the focus; I’m still focusing on each day.  I don’t even have day 30 circled or marked on my calendar – just day one.  It’s about the start and the journey, not the end.  The end is a negative and I’m all about being positive!

Not to end on a negative note but I have a CPR certification I have to do tomorrow at 9am… Those are going to be the longest two-and-a-half hours.  What a good start to my Friday!  =)


That’s what makes salads crunchy…?

Yesterday was such a super busy and successful day that I didn’t even get to write about how day 22 went!

After my first class, I came home and finished a *ton* of homework and was able to make it to the gym to do some mobility.  After 100 overhead walking lunges, my glutes were so sore; an hour of mobility helped me everywhere!  I was actually on time for my 1 o’clock class, too (that’s always a good thing).  Usually, I hang around at Fit Bodies too long and have to rush to get to class on time; but I think it should be excused since I was working out and my class is Exercise Programming… right? 😉

I came back home and gobbled up some tuna and swiss chard before I had to head back to class.  Don’t worry, I remembered to use mouth wash. ha!  Speaking of gross things, have you checked out my latest article?  I’m not allowed to add pictures to my column, so I’ll post one here.  This is a real-life picture taken by a fellow Crossfitter… I thank her for grossing me out and intriguing me to find more nasty facts and let people know how nasty food can be (this was from a pre-packaged Wendy’s salad).  Ew, this is so gross…


So yes, I have successfully made it past the 3 week mark.  I’d love to post all of these awesome meals I eat, but I haven’t changed them that much.  The main things I eat are: bison, chicken, tuna, salmon, eggs, kale, parsnips, broccoli, asparagus, peppers, sweet potatoes (post WoD), apples, zucchini, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts.  Come to find out, broccoli and brussels sprouts make my tummy upset and I’ve tried to steer clear of eating more than 1/2 cup at a time.

Some other things that have kept me on track are my fats.  I love my fats.  Avocados, coconut flakes, coconut oil, and 100-calorie packs of almonds and walnuts.  Yes, I tend to way overeat nuts if I have a can of them sitting around, so the pre-packaged plain packs satisfy me!

Last night I was lucky enough to fall asleep to the luscious voices of singing (er, shouting) sorority girls.  And this wasn’t even coming from the sorority house that’s directly behind me… It was coming from down the street.  After about an hour of cringing and trying to block out the ear-bleeding screeches, they finally stopped.  I think all of the bugs and animals crawled back out from hiding after that, too because then I got to sleep to my favorite sound, crickets and birds. =)

Sorry, I really don’t hate sororities or anything… things just get old when I am surrounded by them for two years.  So apologies if you are a greek supporter!

Sidenote: The CrossFit Regionals WODs were announced last night!  I watched the video this morning and am so excited I am going to watch this year… Yes, watch.  I would die if I was competing; holy $h!t those are some crazy WODs!  It’s going to be a great time!


Today is the day!  Yes, I think Whole30 has finally fully kicked in.  I woke up from an amazing night of sleep (no weird dreams thankfully) and felt refreshed and awake when my alarm woke me up.  For the past two weeks, I felt like I was starving 24/7 and it kind of got hard to deal with; today was different, though.  I have been moderately hungry around the times I normally eat and am craving healthy food!  So I won’t ramble on about Pop Tarts, Reese’s, Ben & Jerry’s Half-Baked ice cream, or any other cheat that I would scarf down if they were Paleo.

I’m not bloated anymore, which is a huuuuge relief and I feel in control of things.  The only sucky thing is that I woke up with a scratchy throat and it hasn’t gone away.  I’m blaming allergies.  I wouldn’t have bad allergies if I lived out in Scottsdale, Arizona…maybe someday…  I saw something on the Today Show about housing there.  I think it’s a sign (and if you can’t tell, I usually have the Today Show on every morning while I’m doing homework and other business).

I have to give thanks to my CF box, Fit Bodies, for making it hard to walk to class this afternoon.  Here was the WOD:

run 800m then…

10 rounds of:

10 overhead walking lunges (25# plate)

10 ground to overhead (25# plate)

then… 800m run

My poor hammies were on FIRE! …and shoulders!  It was a good Tuesday burner.

So I decided to add some new veggies to my list and I. am. jacked.  Parsnips are freaking awesome.  I first got the this past Friday at Station 220 and tried steaming them on my own tonight:

They taste like a delicate mix of banana and carrots; I usually hate hate hate cooked carrots, but these are awesome.  And they’re easy to make! Just peel and steam.  This little guy helped me peel.  He likes overhead squats.

Okay, I had a lot more written but when I published it, it erased it all.  It always does that and it makes me want to snap my laptop in half.  I apologize I am not going to re-write it.

Ring ring! My dinner’s calling.  Time to go!