Today is the day!  Yes, I think Whole30 has finally fully kicked in.  I woke up from an amazing night of sleep (no weird dreams thankfully) and felt refreshed and awake when my alarm woke me up.  For the past two weeks, I felt like I was starving 24/7 and it kind of got hard to deal with; today was different, though.  I have been moderately hungry around the times I normally eat and am craving healthy food!  So I won’t ramble on about Pop Tarts, Reese’s, Ben & Jerry’s Half-Baked ice cream, or any other cheat that I would scarf down if they were Paleo.

I’m not bloated anymore, which is a huuuuge relief and I feel in control of things.  The only sucky thing is that I woke up with a scratchy throat and it hasn’t gone away.  I’m blaming allergies.  I wouldn’t have bad allergies if I lived out in Scottsdale, Arizona…maybe someday…  I saw something on the Today Show about housing there.  I think it’s a sign (and if you can’t tell, I usually have the Today Show on every morning while I’m doing homework and other business).

I have to give thanks to my CF box, Fit Bodies, for making it hard to walk to class this afternoon.  Here was the WOD:

run 800m then…

10 rounds of:

10 overhead walking lunges (25# plate)

10 ground to overhead (25# plate)

then… 800m run

My poor hammies were on FIRE! …and shoulders!  It was a good Tuesday burner.

So I decided to add some new veggies to my list and I. am. jacked.  Parsnips are freaking awesome.  I first got the this past Friday at Station 220 and tried steaming them on my own tonight:

They taste like a delicate mix of banana and carrots; I usually hate hate hate cooked carrots, but these are awesome.  And they’re easy to make! Just peel and steam.  This little guy helped me peel.  He likes overhead squats.

Okay, I had a lot more written but when I published it, it erased it all.  It always does that and it makes me want to snap my laptop in half.  I apologize I am not going to re-write it.

Ring ring! My dinner’s calling.  Time to go!

Eating out on Whole30

Oh. My. Gosh. I got my @$$ kicked by Miss Elizabeth this morning. Squat cleans and dips are a dirty dirty combo on a Saturday morning. My triceps feel like noodles and my hips and I’m just waiting for DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) to take over my body. Besides all that, nothing’s better than a morning WOD back at CrossFit Instinct!!

Yesterday, I had the itch to lift some heavy $h!t. Must have been built up stress over my hellacious paper that I was going to turn in. Anyway, after a quick WOD, I attempted to get a PR on jerks; after some warmup lifts, I tried a new weight. Failed the first attempt. Reset. Failed the second attempt. Reset. Failed the third attempt. Ugh! I was close, and thanks to Coach Janelle at Fit Bodies CrossFit, I got a little bit closer.

Since I had class, I had to leave and realized I walked into the classroom (late..oops) with chalk all over my jacket and hands and handed in my paper. I think giving my teacher a huge project was a better feeling than hitting a PR.

I take that back. It would have been great to get it. Oh well, next time!

Last night, I went out to eat for the first time on my Whole30. My whole family was in town to celebrate my sister’s teaching award (she’s the best!) so they respected my wishes and we went somewhere easy to eat clean. Let’s just say Station 220 is DA BOMB. They serve local grown food and were great about respecting my restrictions. Here’s a pic of what I got:


It was awesome. Almost too good to be true! The other stuff on the menu looked amazing too, such as the pomme frites, meatballs, wine, and hummus. But, I just sipped on my water and patiently waited for my steak and veggies. And it was so worth it.

So today’s day 17 and in finally feeling so good. I don’t want to cheat and I love the food I’ve been making. Let’s just hope this lasts two more weeks!