First post since The Rainbow Fish diary

Welcome!  Ok, so this is my first ever blog so excuse me if it seems weird or unnatural… I haven’t really journaled or written in a diary since probably sixth grade, but I always liked it since I was probably 6 years old.  I even had a little Rainbow Fish diary with a key so no one could read about my thoughts on my sisters’ moods and how tired I was from the weekly 3or 4 mile walk with my dad.

Right now, I write for my school (Illinois State University) paper, The Daily Vidette.  I am the Fitness Columnist and I also write a weekly editorial.  Besides all that, I am graduating in May with my BA in Exercise Science and I cannot wait to be done.  I would choose to work any day over school!

Aaaaanywho, I decided to start this blog because I am starting a Whole30 challenge tomorrow!  I would love to go more than 30 days, so maybe I should call it Whole45.  I don’t know if anyone will even read this, but it keeps me busy and keeps my mind off of food, so I don’t really care  😛

I have been feely just blah for a while and I thought…whole 30.  Let’s do it.  I was going to wait until my CrossFit gym (FitBodies CrossFit woo!) started theirs, but I needed something sooner.  Plus, my birthday and graduation are both in May, so unless alcohol has been whole30 approved, I would be screwed by then.  Bad excuse, but it’s true.  We’ll see how far I go!  I’m pumped to do it.  I went to the store tonight and LOADED up on veggies and some meat and eggs.  Already made my breakfast for the next four days woot woot!

No more little cheats like I had been letting myself get away with… Goodbye carob raisins (Mmmm), Cadbury eggs that stared at me when I was checking out at Walgreens, Cocoa covered almonds, salad dressing, and paleo crack bars (I would find myself eating the whole batch.. talk about a stomach ache).

Tomorrow.  Day 1.  I am ready.  3…2…1…Go!