Pistol Pistol Pistol, yeah!

Today is Tuesday, so you know what that means?  Only 2 more days until I’ll be on my way to Missouri to go on one of the most epic float trips with the CrossFit Instinct crew.  I have been looking forward to this weekend since the beginning of summer and am getting more and more excited to spend some quality time with my CFers.

Guess what I did this weekend?  I saw half-naked men dance around.  With my boyfriend.  Yep, we went to see Magic Mike!  I wasn’t one of those girls that were going ape sh*t to see it; it was the only halfway decent movie showing so we decided to see what all the hype was about.  Although the men looked good, I wasn’t walking out of the theater with my jaw hanging on the floor.  I guess CrossFit has prepared me well… I get to watch half-naked, good-looking men thrust and hop around all day anyway.  You’ve got nothing on them, Channing (you’re still pretty though).

Yesterday, I went to the store and stocked up for my final two weeks here in BloNo.  I wore my Vibrams, got stared at, and of course, was the topic of conversation with groups of people waiting in my checkout lane.  “Honey, look at those things!”  “Are those comfortable?”  “Good luck walking to your car with those things!”  As usual, I smiled, recited my spiel, and gave them the fakest laughs ever.  If they only knew what was in my head… (No, these are the most uncomfortable shoes ever.  I just think they are so cute I wear them all the time.  Good luck walking? wtf?) Ok, sorry for being a B.  I should expect this stuff if I wear shoes that look like lizard feet.

Guess what I had so much fun doing yesterday?!  Squat clean thrusters.  Three words never looked so sexy together.  Oh, and burpees.  Thanks, Fit Bodies for keeping me in a post-WOD daze all day and making me sore as sh*t today!

After pushing through a fun little chipper today, I decided to try out some pistols…. I did a pistol, man!  Yep, I finally got them.  I got a video, but not until after I had already done about 10 or 15 of them, so they weren’t 100% perfect.  And I’m blog-challenged and my video won’t upload so you just gotta believe me!

Alright guys, I apologize for no pics or anything fun.  My computer is awesome and not wanting to listen to any commands I want it to do.  So I’ll leave you with some CrossFit jokes I found on this website.  And I’m a blonde so I can make fun of them.

Q: Why did the blonde CrossFitter bring a bottle of Windex to the WOD?

A: She heard they were going to be cleaning.

Q: What did one blonde say to the other during the WOD?

A: You know, I’ve been watching that box for almost an hour and it hasn’t jumped yet.