That’s what makes salads crunchy…?

Yesterday was such a super busy and successful day that I didn’t even get to write about how day 22 went!

After my first class, I came home and finished a *ton* of homework and was able to make it to the gym to do some mobility.  After 100 overhead walking lunges, my glutes were so sore; an hour of mobility helped me everywhere!  I was actually on time for my 1 o’clock class, too (that’s always a good thing).  Usually, I hang around at Fit Bodies too long and have to rush to get to class on time; but I think it should be excused since I was working out and my class is Exercise Programming… right? 😉

I came back home and gobbled up some tuna and swiss chard before I had to head back to class.  Don’t worry, I remembered to use mouth wash. ha!  Speaking of gross things, have you checked out my latest article?  I’m not allowed to add pictures to my column, so I’ll post one here.  This is a real-life picture taken by a fellow Crossfitter… I thank her for grossing me out and intriguing me to find more nasty facts and let people know how nasty food can be (this was from a pre-packaged Wendy’s salad).  Ew, this is so gross…


So yes, I have successfully made it past the 3 week mark.  I’d love to post all of these awesome meals I eat, but I haven’t changed them that much.  The main things I eat are: bison, chicken, tuna, salmon, eggs, kale, parsnips, broccoli, asparagus, peppers, sweet potatoes (post WoD), apples, zucchini, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts.  Come to find out, broccoli and brussels sprouts make my tummy upset and I’ve tried to steer clear of eating more than 1/2 cup at a time.

Some other things that have kept me on track are my fats.  I love my fats.  Avocados, coconut flakes, coconut oil, and 100-calorie packs of almonds and walnuts.  Yes, I tend to way overeat nuts if I have a can of them sitting around, so the pre-packaged plain packs satisfy me!

Last night I was lucky enough to fall asleep to the luscious voices of singing (er, shouting) sorority girls.  And this wasn’t even coming from the sorority house that’s directly behind me… It was coming from down the street.  After about an hour of cringing and trying to block out the ear-bleeding screeches, they finally stopped.  I think all of the bugs and animals crawled back out from hiding after that, too because then I got to sleep to my favorite sound, crickets and birds. =)

Sorry, I really don’t hate sororities or anything… things just get old when I am surrounded by them for two years.  So apologies if you are a greek supporter!

Sidenote: The CrossFit Regionals WODs were announced last night!  I watched the video this morning and am so excited I am going to watch this year… Yes, watch.  I would die if I was competing; holy $h!t those are some crazy WODs!  It’s going to be a great time!

Bison, broccoli, and kale… Oh my!

I was so excited to write about my dinner that I didn’t even do the dishes yet.  It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was gooooood.  Like I-felt-like-I-was-cheating good.  So what was this stupefying, amazing, yummy-in-my-tummy meal?

#1: Bison burger with salsa (chopped tomato, onion, lemon juice, herbs)

#2: “BBQ” Kale chips (I added chili powder)

#3: Broccoli & mushrooms (sautéed in coconut oil; garlic powder, pepper, and a little balsamic vinegar)

I was nervous about the broccoli and kale because I ate so much of them last year, that I thought I was still kind of burned out on them.  WRONG.  The broccoli tasted like the kind from one of my favorite places (MCL..yep.) and the kale chips gave me my chip fix.  I could re-eat that meal again in a heart beat.  The best part?  I don’t feel over-stuffed, bloated, or gross.  Now that’s a Whole30 success meal.

Know something that was gross?  I was walking home from class this afternoon and this boy that was walking behind me was hocking loogies every 10 seconds.  Yes, I started counting seconds between hocks.  He was kind of far behind me and I swear I’d hear the loogies land closer and closer to me.  Sick.  I turned around and gave him “a look”, but he had on his over-sized headphones and was looking at the ground.  So if you come across a loogie trail on campus, it wasn’t me.

And that was the ending of a day that started off the right way.. last night.  Right before I was going to lay down, I heard a car pull into my parking lot – the music was stupid loud.  It gets better.  The driver crawled out of the drivers seat, careful not to spill her beer and yelled (to my neighbor) “Get ready biiiiiaaaatch!”.  Two seconds later, the bass started bumpin’ and the jewelry on my walls shook.  Wiz Khalifa isn’t my idea of a lullaby.  15 minutes after listening to deafening music, they turned it down to a quiet roar.  Oh, I love my neighbors.

While I was waiting to get my hearing back, I scrolled through Pinterest… always a bad idea before bed.  And when you don’t eat sweets and are poor.  The no-bake Reese’s brownies and cookie dough bake made me drool before I decided I needed to stop dreaming and waste my time looking at my dream house ideas!

A small disclaimer: I know I always talk about cheat foods – you probably think I’m obsessed with cheating and have a terrible time sticking to Paleo and Whole30.  Well, to clear some things up, I do love my sweets but prior to the Whole30 challenge, I didn’t cheat that much.  I only like to pretend and visualize how awesome the foods would taste; then real world kicks in I know how it affects me and how it’s not worth it.  So no, I’m not a sweet-eating monster.  But, if they were Paleo I would be!  For now, my dinner is tops and no cookie or ice cream can get me down!

Today’s the end of day 15!  Awesome, right?!  I feel like it hasn’t even been that long so hopefully that means that the next 15-25 days will go just as fast!

Having a strict WOD schedule helps out too – Today (at Fit Bodies) was 5 rounds of 10 power cleans and 15 toe to bar… My toe2bar need work.  bad.  I thank them for the 3 new nasty bubbles on my hands!  The soreness is starting to kick in a little bit – like holding my arms out to do things kinda hurts.  But I can’t wait to WOD again tomorrow… unless there are burpees then I can wait to WOD.  You know what I mean.

Alright all you people…thanks for reading my blog and listening to me babble on about my life.  You’re awesomely cool – good karma should be sent your way! =)

Quote of the day: “Our lives are what our thoughts create” -Wayne Dyer

^^I like that quote and that man so much that I have it as a permanent reminder on me.  You rock, Wayne!