I’m now a Wascally Wabbit…

When I was little, my mom used to always cook me, my dad, and my two sisters a whole-hearted healthy dinner.  That being said, she always made vegetables and we had to finish them from our plate before we could get up.  When it came to green beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, or a few others, I had no problem chowing them down with my mouth full of braces.  But, slap some squash or cooked carrots in front of me and I would sit there forever and gag every time I tried forcing it in my mouth.

Well, almost 15 years later, I am a proud vegetable eater and my new obsession is…


Unbelievable right?! I still hate steamed/cooked carrots, but the way I’ve been making them, I could eat the sh*t out of them!  And it’s super easy to prepare and you just throw it in the oven.  First, you have to be lazy and buy the pre-cut carrot chips.  Since I don’t have a mandoline (I really really want one!), this is way easier than fussing around with a knife for hours.

Then, you throw however many you want in a Ziploc bag, toss with your choice of cooking oil, add whatever spices you like (I like Mrs. Dash’s Garlic & Herb blend), and put in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 425.

Voila!  Carrot chips, scotch eggs, and homemade C-Dub Dip (aka Paleo mayo, Cholula sauce, pepper, minced onion, and garlic powder).

One of my favorite stores, The Fresh Market, has the most deceiving name.  About 1/5 of their store is healthy and fresh, while the rest is filled with tempting chocolate covered everything, any flavored chips, homemade cookies, desserts, fake-looking cupcakes, and basically anything that would keep me locked up for days with a stomach ache.  I guess a lot of it’s fresh, but when I think fresh, I think healthy.  Do you think this is healthy?

Yes.  It’s 100% edible cookie dough.  Not that regular cookie dough has never been consumed in mass amounts by me, but this is the real deal.  That’s just evil.  Cookie dough is my favorite food.  Cookie dough ice cream, chocolate covered cookie dough, Christmas Eve homemade cookie dough, Papa Murphy’s cookie dough… I could bath in that stuff.

And no, I didn’t cave in and buy it.  I was just that weirdo that stands there and gawks at all the cheat food and looks at all the nasty things in it.  Maybe the next time I lose all self-control, I’ll head back to The Cheat Market and devour this tiny cup of heaven.  But not any time soon =) Paleo Challenge is going awesome and The Cookie Dough Cafe is not going to slow me down!!!!

Busy as a Bee

I have been a terrible blogger lately.  It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been able to sit here and aimlessly type about everything that comes to mind; it’s been a hectic week and probably will be for the next 2 weeks!  Saturday was my mom’s birthday, Monday was my birthday, I have 3 finals this week, party on Friday, Graduation Saturday, and I have to be moved out of my place by Saturday.  Then Monday is the first day of my internship.  Whoa.  All so exciting!!!

Needless to say, I haven’t made any new food this week.  Come to think about it, I have nothing in my fridge right now… just some hard-boiled eggs and shredded zucchini. Yeah… time for the store tonight!  And most likely I won’t be making anything new or interesting, unlike my sister! ( <—- link to HER blog with some good recipes and pics!)

You know what always makes my day? Especially on my birthday? Flowers!

Both my mom and my sister got me some beautiful flowers! =) Lovely!

My other sister cooked me an amazing Whole30 dinner!  It’s so nice to have your sister living in the same college-town as you! And one that is willing to cook, make it Whole30, and make it taste super good!

Lettuce wraps!

We had some good (and needed) laughs over some TV shows and got to chatter up our excitement for Wednesday afternoon.  We are both done with finals that day, she defends her thesis, and we will both be done with school!!! Know what that means?  We’re goin’ to The Pub!  So today will be my official last day of eating/drinking clean.

Now, I’m not going to go out and shove my face with cheese balls, candy, chips, and fried chicken.  No, I’m just going to drink something that’s not coffee, tea, or water for the first time in over 6 weeks.  I plan on continuing eating clean, even when McDonald’s, the ultimate hangover food, is right down the road.  Some of you may be shunning me for taking a break from all this cleanliness to go out for some drinks, but what did you do to celebrate your college graduation and 22nd birthday? Hmmm??  You only live once, right?

I hope my inner-thigh soreness starts to go away though.  As always, the past few WODs have made me walk funny and have made it uncomfortable to sit.  Just in time for studying and sitting through hours of testing!

Enough jibber-jabber.  I have to study and get in the right mindset to demolish my upcoming WOD:

4 minute AMRAP for 3 rounds:

5 Deadlifts (135/95)

7 KB swings (55/35)

5 Hang power cleans (135/95)

rest 1 minute

I love these movements so I am actually excited to dead, swing, and hang.  HooAh!

…27. So close.

Do you know how hard it is to go to class when: 1.) the teacher e-mails you the Powerpoint slides 2.) it’s a chilly 40 degrees outside 3.) I’ve mentally graduated and 4.) my bed looked extra warm and comfy….  Yes, it was one of those mornings – I debated going to class up until I was walking out my door.  I actually did make it to class and I’m glad I went because we got points for going.  Looks like I’m not the only one with terrible Senioritis!

Today is officially day 27.  Seriously this has gone by so fast.  I thought it would drag on and just make me annoyed, but it’s been the complete opposite.  I think writing about it has made it go faster and easier, since I feel somewhat accountable for making it public that I’m cleaning it up for a month (or more).  I also made it through another movie night filled with munchy crunchy goodness popcorn all around me!  Thank you, coconut flakes!

Saturday consisted of a 9-5 workday back at home, and I was able to avoid eating any of the protein bars and drinks that are for sale.  What I did munch on was awesome… Salmon mixed with shredded zucchini and avovado.  YUM.  I’m sure my co-workers enjoyed the aroma as I blabbed on how good it tasted.

Yesterday, I went in to CrossFit Instinct for a Westside Barbell workout with some BAMF ladies.  Worked on dynamic bench, HSPUs, dips, chest-to-bar and butterfly pullups, and some hollow-body holds.  Fun!  Then I got to hang with my sissy, Molly. =)  She recommended new hair stuff for me (thank god!) and we went to a few other places.  Funny thing is, we went to Target and checked out the new food aisles ooh-ing and mmm-ing at non-Paleo food – but, we ended up leaving with only Larabars!  Nice try, pop-tart and cookie advertisements!

I am so thankful that my parents are such healthy people… I had a home cooked Whole30 meal with them last night and it was aaawwweeesssommmmee.  Part of it was because everything tastes better when made by my mom and it was something different.  I had some chicken, parsnip-zucchini “pancakes”, and salad.  Here’s a picture of the salad made by my mom (all Whole30 ingredients!)

I attempted to shred zucchini and parsnips in the food processor and make something like potato pancakes… Let’s just say those are a trial and error thing.  Not so pancakey and not very pretty.  They tasted good, though!

Ok.  I have to go drag myself to class now.  Two more for the day then store time!  I love going grocery shopping.  Time for some new recipes tonight… More updates later!