After a pretty nasty wod of heavy Russian Kettlebell swings and hand release push-ups, I had to force myself to not lay around and nap because I needed to go to the store and cool for the week. The Paleo Eat Well Be Well challenge is going great! I have allowed myself to eat some dried fruits and Paleo treats; besides that, it’s veggies and meat/eggs all day!

I’ve gotten to the point where I am feeling fantastic from eating clean and am over the hump of feeling sluggish from the holiday food (Thank GOD). Eating clean really does make such a dramatic difference in my training!

Here’s some of my meals for the week. 14 meals, 2 hours. What’s not pictured is my post wod shake and sweet potato. I also will sometimes make dinner after work once I get home from work. That’s one week of meals in 2 hours! Close to a PR!

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Kale, mushroom, tomato and egg bake

chicken & spinach with bacon

spaghetti squash with some beef mix… From Practical Paleo

one week of food and no more Tupperware!

here’s my latest hair style by Molly! I was her model for her boards test today. She did amazing! Congrats Molly!!

What? I still have a blog?!

It’s been exactly 5 months since my last post and SO much has happened since then.  I haven’t been able to blog lately because, since moving back to Springpatch, I haven’t had internet.  As of this past Friday, I finally have it and will be back to posting!  I finished my internship (which was amazing), I moved out of Bloomington-Normal, said a temporary goodbye to my sister (who moved to Arizona – lucky!!!!), I am finally settled into a great new place, working as Manager at Gold’s Gym, and I’m coaching at CrossFit Instinct, aaaand I’m earning MONEY!!!!!!!!  Since way too much more has happened to write about, I’ll tell my story in pictures.


I dyed my hair cotton candy pink... I miss having crazy hair!

I dyed my hair cotton candy pink… I miss having crazy hair!

New deadlift PR at the State Fair... 250#

New deadlift PR at the State Fair… 250#

My team competed at the CrossFit State Fair competition

My team competed at the CrossFit State Fair competition

I got my Level 1 certification!!!!!!!

I got my Level 1 certification!!!!!!!


Cole and I got new tattoos! (Mine's on top).

Cole and I got new tattoos! (Mine’s on top).

I went to visit Liana in Arizona! Miss her so much!

I went to visit Liana in Arizona! Miss her so much!

...and we dressed up for Halloween!

…and we dressed up for Halloween!

I got a new nephew... Li and Jonathan's new baby Jax!

I got a new nephew… Li and Jonathan’s new baby Jax!

A group of us went to O'Fallon and got 3rd place!

A group of us went to O’Fallon and got 3rd place!

Cole and I moved into a new place and got a new 2 year old pup, Lizzy!

Cole and I moved into a new place and got a new 2 year old pup, Lizzy!

...I love Christmas :)

…I love Christmas 🙂

Hope you all have a great Christmas and realize how lucky we all are.  Enjoy the holidays and feel the love all around you. 🙂

A total 180 in 10 minutes

Frustration just drained into my blood.  I needed to get away from my humid and sticky apartment and get my final paper for a class written, so I drove to Starbucks, ordered a Vanilla Rooibos Tea, opened up my computer, got out my folder that had the instructions for the final in it and…. no paper.  Son of a…  And I’m not about to pack up my stuff, drive home, get my paper, and drive back out here.  Is that being stubborn?  Lazy?  Maybe.

All I know is that it’s been one of those days.  You know, the ones where you drop every third bundle of papers during delivery, where it’s 100% humidity out and your hair looks like you’ve rubbed a balloon all over it, and you’re so bloated that you feel like wearing oversized t-shirts and lying around all day.  Yeah, one of those days.  I’m not being a negative Nancy here or anything (that’s never the answer to anything!) but I’m just putting it out there and accepting it.

Two days of class and three finals stand between me and summer.  And by summer, I mean a 12-week, full-time, no-pay internship.  At least I like the place I’ll be at and the people there!  Have you gotten the drift that I can’t wait to be done with school??  I’m ready to go back to being a full-time gym rat and not worry about assignments or class.

Today, my last ever fitness column was published in the Daily Vidette.  Want to see it?  Here ya go.  It will be weird to get out of the routine of doing those!

Want to know something cool?  I forgot to subtract one minute off my WOD time yesterday (since I started with 1:00 on the timer).  That boosted my ego a bit yesterday as I remembered it!  Yesterday’s brutality, I mean WOD, consisted of:

4 rounds:

20 front squats (95#/65#)

20 push ups

Front delts were on FIRE!  A good burner though.  Can’t say the same for today’s…

16 minute AMRAP:

run 400m

15 push press (95#/65#)

This one was more of run, burn the shoulders for a second, and run again.  My least favorite thing.  And it was even sweeter that the smell of Dairy Queen was wafting in my mouth and nose as I was scooting along my 400m.  Gross.  This WOD sucked the life out of me and it was necessary to fall to the ground after the last push press rep was done at 15:56.

Thank god for WODs or else I would be a total b!tch some days.

Anywho, today is day 36 of Whole30.  I honestly have just lost count and it feels normal to eat this way all the time which is awesome.  I made-a some more-a MEATZA! and added some broccoli slaw (thanks for the suggestion, Liana!) on top and more olives since those are bomb.  Currently, I am using my dehydrator to dry out some zucchini to make “chips” so I’m sure I’ll munch down on those soon.  I keep saying I want to make some sauces for stuff; I guess the rain and nasty weather has made me super duper lazy and I haven’t accomplished much lately.  Besides being a clutz (klutz? hm.. you get the point).

Since sitting down and being a clumsy mess, the sun has started to shine and I can see the blue sky!  This time it’s the real blue, not clouds about to burst out some rain.  Woohoo!  Thanks for listening to what goes on in my head.  This blog and O.A.R. radio have kept me sane for the day.  I might actually get up and go walk around for a bit since I can feel my hams and hips tightening up every minute I sit here. I swear I’m going to start bringing my lacrosse ball wherever I go and sit on it to rub my hammies.  People already stare when I wear my knee socks, vibrams, or have chalk all over me, so it’d be nothing out of the ordinary to mobilize in public.  Right?