Cool as a cucumber

There should be a rule that Mondays will always be sunny, warm, and not busy; then I might like them a little more.  At least for the first 7 hours of the day.  Waking up knowing that I get to deliver papers in a steamy van while it’s pouring down rain is not my idea of a happy Monday.

Unfortunately, my teacher didn’t cancel my 9 o’clock class… So, I found it more beneficial to stay home and get more homework done.  Did I mention it was raining out?  I swear I’ll go on Wednesday (because it’s my last day of that class)… sorry Mom and Dad.

But, my Mondays always get better when I start jamming to music and get ready to go WOD at Fit Bodies CrossFit.

5 rounds:

5 burpee power cleans (135/95#)

35 double unders

Then, run 400m (or row 500m)

I should have thought ahead and wore different pants for double unders because mine kept slipping down after about 10 double unders.  So that made for a lot of whip marks and a slower time, but oh well.  Definitely a fun WOD and I got to run in the rain afterwards!

After an uplifting, healthy, and exciting hour-ish at my home-away-from-home, I had the pleasure of sitting through 50 minutes of lecture on eating, um, “healthy”.  This might have been the 10th time I’ve heard this lecture so it makes it even more annoying.

“Make 65% of your calories carbohydrates.  Eat whole grains for nutrients.  Avoid fat.  Vegetable oils are “good fat.'”

Seriously.  I want to pull my hair out and scream every time my teacher clicks on a new slide.  I wish I could bring in Robb Wolf and have him grill my teacher.  I can’t wait until all this junk about grains and dairy is shown and taught to everyone so they learn how terrible it is for you.  Ignorance and money.  F-you government!

Enough ranting.  Let me tell you about my wonderful new little treat that I tried last night.  Props to Three-diets-one-dinner for the idea!  I omitted the radishes because they make me want to hurl, but these tuna salad filled cucumbers hit the spot.

Sorry for the craptastic picture. My phone is my only camera.

I have an over-abundance of food in my fridge right now, just waiting to be made into yummy recipes.  I may try some new things tonight!  If only my kitchen was bigger than my bathroom and my stove top cooked food evenly…