Paleo Challenge update!

Do you ever have days were you just feel… lazy? Well, yesterday was one of those days.  Usually after my WOD at 5:15am (yep, I’m a morning WOD freak) I feel amazing and ready to take on anything.  But, after sprints, hang squat cleans, and front squats, I just felt like I got hit by a train.  My contacts felt blurry all day and I had no appetite (yeah, me not wanting food? Weird.).  I had slept for about 6.5 the night before so maybe that’s why.  I’m an 8 hour per night sleeper; any more or any less I feel too tired.  I even came home after work and fell asleep for about an hour, but still felt like I wanted to lay around all day.  After a trip to the store, some dinner, homework, and showering, I was in bed at 8:15.  The feeling of laying in bed when you are tired might just be the best feeling ever!  Buuuut, the reason I wrote about my case of the lazies was because lately, I have been feeling just great.  Know why?

PALEO CHALLENGE!  Today’s officially day 9 (day 10 for my personal record since I started one day early) and I feel super.  I’m not trying to rub it in your face, but not straying from natural, whole foods feels so rejuvenating and refreshing… you should try it.

Here’s been one of my go-to meals that is quick to make and can be made in multiples so you can have tons of leftovers.  I’ve talked about it before but this time, I made some dip to go along.  I know it doesn’t look the most appetizing, but it’s some avocado, cayenne pepper, Cholula Hot Sauce, tiny bit of Paleo Mayo, pepper, and garlic powder.  So yummy!


Spaghetti squash… You are always a battle.  Whether I microwave you or cut you raw, you either always burn my hands, make a mess, or almost chop my fingers off.  Either way, I still think you are mighty tasty and love having you in my life.



Since extra mobility is a bonus point for the Paleo challenge, I have once again become best friends with my foam roller and lacrosse ball.  I just hope the noise of me rolling back and forth can’t be heard by the people below me.  That’d just be weird.




Eating clean also means having extra good WODs; this particular WOD knocked me on my a$$ for a few days.  My 5:15am CrossFit class is pretty big, so by the time I was done warming up for the cleans, the combo of weights I needed were taken.  It was either go big or go home.  I was feeling extra energized so I figured why not use 135# and try to get a couple?  I surprised myself and was able to use it through the whole WOD, but I only got 129 total reps (over 7 rounds), but that’s 24 power cleans.  At a weight that was 5 pounds under my previous max!! I was so pumped! After coming down from my CrossFit/Paleo high that day, the soreness kicked in.  I was beat for the rest of the week!  But, that was the highlight of my month, so I’ll take it!




Ah, the soothing sound of a computer printer.  I went and bought ink so the stupid reminder would stop popping up every 5 seconds on my screen and now it tells me the other cartridge is out and it won’t print my report.  Wonderful.  Sometimes, technology bugs the sh*t out of me.  And this awesome website isn’t posting things right.  AH!

Happy Tuesday!!