I’m snowed in… snow what now?

If you haven’t heard, Illinois go snow dumped on it all day.  There’s so much snow that I could barely open my front door!  I went outside earlier and tried to play with Lizzy, but that only lasted about 10 minutes before she wanted to come inside.  With that being said, I haven’t left home all day which is not my normal Sunday.  It has been kind of nice and I am thankful I was one of the crazies who went out yesterday to get all my errands done before the snowpocalypse hit!

I was halfway successful in prepping for the week today (only between episodes of Breaking Bad – thank god for Netflix and that my internet didn’t go out!).  Here’s what I fixed:

Waiting for the egg to get to room temp to make...

Waiting for the egg to get to room temp to make…

Paleo Mayo!

Paleo Mayo!

Roasted brocc and b sprouts with pecans

Roasted brocc and b sprouts with pecans

Grass-fed chuck roast in the crock pot.  Monkey peeler approves.

Grass-fed chuck roast in the crock pot. Monkey peeler approves.

Since I still have some leftovers, I plan on eating that and some easy throw together meals (salad, tuna, raw veggies, etc.).  Being stuck inside and being lazy makes me crave food, but I held back.  And I have zero cheat food here so it was a little impossible.  I found this on Instagram and thought it was pretty spot on for those who question Whole30/Paleo!

photo 3

Julie Andrews isn’t Paleo or she would know how much there IS to eat!!

Thanks to Molly, I downloaded the Nom Nom Paleo app!  There are SO many recipes and cool tools.  I can’t wait to go to the store again and sample them!

That concludes my Sunday and day 4.  Now time to eat some meatza, salad, and watch more Breaking Bad!  Sometimes snow isn’t always a bad thing.. 🙂

Lizzy watching the snow fall

Lizzy watching the snow fall





And so it begins…


After maybe one of the craziest years ever, I am happy looking back at all the memories made and moments lived in 2013.  The highlight of the year happened on July 20th when my oldest sister, Liana, tied the knot with her man.  I wish I could re-live that weekend all the time; she set the bar high for weddings!  Glad I won’t have to worry about competing against it for a while 😉

If I had to describe 2013, I would have to call it a wild roller coaster ride.  There were many low and challenging points that I could never imagine happening, but they were balanced out by many good things!  Needless to say, I am ready to welcome 2014 and see where it takes me!  With that being said…

Tomorrow is my day 1 of my second Whole30.  I started this blog when I did my first Whole30 so I could hold myself accountable and put it out to the blogosphere that I was cleaning up my eating for 30 days.  A lot has changed since then: I was at ISU and now I am working full-time, finances are different, my training had changed a lot, and I am in good ol’ Springfield (not Normal, IL).

Liana and her hubby completed  a Whole30 not too long ago and it inspired me to want to give it another shot.  After seeing Snapchat after Snapchat of her food and hearing about her and Jonathan’s results, I decided to reach out to her and Molly to see if they wanted to join.  Little did we know that it would turn into a ‘Real Life Eating’ 30-day challenge for anyone to do along with us.  They have a little bit different guidelines they are following, but being a stubborn Taurus, I am going to try and go by Whole30 rules.

Last time I did my Whole30, I felt GREAT and even continued it for a few weeks after the 30 days was up.  My post-challenge celebration was my last day of finals and my ISU Graduation.  Needless to say, I was sensitive to alcohol and it ended up not staying in my body when I came home for the night.  I learned my lesson… after Whole30, don’t drink like a regular college student!

I will try to post at least 3 times a week on here and give updates of my food and where I found recipes/resources.  I hope to cook some meals today to get me through the rest of the week and get this thing going.  Hopefully the first few days don’t give me bad headaches like last time!

Here’s to a healthy January and beastly WODs!



Here’s some of the wods that I’ve been taking part in… It’s been a love/hate thing because its weakness work, but I can definitely tell an improvement!





More to come soon. I need to stop snapchatting, instagramming, and facebooking so much. Ugh
Until next time… Live Laugh & WOD 😊✌

I’m back to blog!

Did you forget I had a blog? Yeah, I did too. The last post was in January and so much has changed. Without going into too much boring detail, I have moved (again) and am living with two roommates… They go by Mom and Dad. Ha. Thank god they are cool and very very easy to live with 🙂

Anyway, back on track with wods and food. Today was yet another great Sunday! Instead of going to the gym for a typical workout, Molly and I took advantage of the warm, sunny weather and went to the park and did some walking/trail running for about 90 minutes. Tomorrow it’s back to the gym to throw some weights around!

I went to the store and picked up the weekly ingredients to try out some new recipes.



I ended up making some cabbage with chicken, broccoli salad, roasted sweet potatoes with poblano pepper, and some burgers. Should be a pretty yummy week!

Oh and what I am most excited for is my new ice cream maker!!!! I am going to test it out tonight and try some vanilla paleo ice cream. I can’t wait since ice cream is my number one favorite food!


I’ll leave you with some words of advice… Never leave zucchini in the fridge too long. It will look like this and make you want to hurl. Blech.



After a pretty nasty wod of heavy Russian Kettlebell swings and hand release push-ups, I had to force myself to not lay around and nap because I needed to go to the store and cool for the week. The Paleo Eat Well Be Well challenge is going great! I have allowed myself to eat some dried fruits and Paleo treats; besides that, it’s veggies and meat/eggs all day!

I’ve gotten to the point where I am feeling fantastic from eating clean and am over the hump of feeling sluggish from the holiday food (Thank GOD). Eating clean really does make such a dramatic difference in my training!

Here’s some of my meals for the week. 14 meals, 2 hours. What’s not pictured is my post wod shake and sweet potato. I also will sometimes make dinner after work once I get home from work. That’s one week of meals in 2 hours! Close to a PR!

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Kale, mushroom, tomato and egg bake

chicken & spinach with bacon

spaghetti squash with some beef mix… From Practical Paleo

one week of food and no more Tupperware!

here’s my latest hair style by Molly! I was her model for her boards test today. She did amazing! Congrats Molly!!

Paleo and puppies

This week starts the Eat Well Be Well Paleo Month at CrossFit Instinct. Here is one of my new favorite recipes… Marinated peppers, onions, and chicken! Mixed with some avocado and coconut aminos, this meal is ever so tasty and cures all cravings. Not to mention the person who lived in my apartment before me left a sweet wok-like pan. Thank you for forgetting! 🙂


Here’s a cute baby Lizzy face. I’m so thankful we adopted her! <;3




Sunday in review

Today was such a good day! Started off with some yummy blood oranges, made some coconut flour tortillas and chicken, and got a nasty blood blister from pull-ups and toe to bar! I’ll have to pop it tomorrow… Yuck.
Oh! And we got our own NEW washer and dryer!!! It even plays a little song when the laundry’s done. That’s legit.