What? I still have a blog?!

It’s been exactly 5 months since my last post and SO much has happened since then.  I haven’t been able to blog lately because, since moving back to Springpatch, I haven’t had internet.  As of this past Friday, I finally have it and will be back to posting!  I finished my internship (which was amazing), I moved out of Bloomington-Normal, said a temporary goodbye to my sister (who moved to Arizona – lucky!!!!), I am finally settled into a great new place, working as Manager at Gold’s Gym, and I’m coaching at CrossFit Instinct, aaaand I’m earning MONEY!!!!!!!!  Since way too much more has happened to write about, I’ll tell my story in pictures.


I dyed my hair cotton candy pink... I miss having crazy hair!

I dyed my hair cotton candy pink… I miss having crazy hair!

New deadlift PR at the State Fair... 250#

New deadlift PR at the State Fair… 250#

My team competed at the CrossFit State Fair competition

My team competed at the CrossFit State Fair competition

I got my Level 1 certification!!!!!!!

I got my Level 1 certification!!!!!!!


Cole and I got new tattoos! (Mine's on top).

Cole and I got new tattoos! (Mine’s on top).

I went to visit Liana in Arizona! Miss her so much!

I went to visit Liana in Arizona! Miss her so much!

...and we dressed up for Halloween!

…and we dressed up for Halloween!

I got a new nephew... Li and Jonathan's new baby Jax!

I got a new nephew… Li and Jonathan’s new baby Jax!

A group of us went to O'Fallon and got 3rd place!

A group of us went to O’Fallon and got 3rd place!

Cole and I moved into a new place and got a new 2 year old pup, Lizzy!

Cole and I moved into a new place and got a new 2 year old pup, Lizzy!

...I love Christmas :)

…I love Christmas 🙂

Hope you all have a great Christmas and realize how lucky we all are.  Enjoy the holidays and feel the love all around you. 🙂

A CrossFitter’s dream weekend

Oh. my. WOD.I was looking back in my WOD journal and realized I have been the most consistent with my workouts I have ever been for the past 3 months!  I think scheduling days off instead of just winging it has helped a ton; not only that, but my rest days help me mentally and keep me wanting more without feeling burned out.  Speaking of more…

This past Saturday, CrossFit Instinct celebrated the CrossFit Games by doing “2 Girls 1 Guy”.  Here were our WODs:

We started off with the Hero WOD, rested about 20ish minutes, then knocked out Isabel.  As a group, we decided that we didn’t want to break more than 10 minutes and went right into Kelly.  Since this wasn’t a competition and was for fun, many of us did the WODs with partners or broke them down.  I did all 3 with Molly and had so much fun!  I’m not as lazy when someone else is working with me so it’s very beneficial and benefits me mentally and physically.

The beastly crew!

Caught the coaches with some post-WOD drinks haha And Molly showing off her Fit Bodies t!

After this brutal sweatfeast, I got to simmer down in an ice bath.  It was my first time ever in one, so I had no idea what to expect.  I was told the best way to do it was to just get in quick and sink down.  So I did. And it was cold as f*ck.  I felt like I couldn’t breath for about a minute and it was so weird.  After the breathtaking 60 seconds, my body went numb and it felt kind of good.  Since we did this outside, there were plenty of stares from people and a homeless guy was even creeping for a couple of minutes.

surprisingly, the ice bath really helped and I wasn’t sore at all the next day!  It was awesome until later Sunday night I started to get a wee-bit sore.  Needless to say, I would definitely take another ice bath!

Just like old times…except we are much bigger

Watching the CrossFit Games always motivates me and makes me realize how insane all those athletes are.  True freaks of nature.  Repeat champs is always awesome, but all the others that placed were pretty freakin’ sweet and I was happy to see Matt Chan finally placed!  I got to see him at the Arnold this past year and he is one chunk of pure muscle.  I would have liked to see my boyfriend, Graham, place higher but he still rocked it!  Same with all the women; WOW.  They are impressive.  I even put my computer background of a shot of some women before their workout.  Is it weird that I have half-naked beast women on my computer?

After all those WODs, we did what we do best.  Celebrate!  We headed down to Cafe Andiamo to watch more of the Games and sip on some cool drinks.  This was also a goodbye party for one of the [best] coaches at CrossFit Instinct. =(  Matt will really be missed!!!  Of course, everyone had a blast!

This is my new favorite drink- Jeremiah Weed + Diet Mountain Dew + Water = mmmmmm. Thanks to AO, this will be my main choice for the float trip!!


Monday morning, I got to wake up and try one of the WODs from the Games

Obviously, the weights were scaled down to us normal people.  I used 95# for the whole thing and stuck with burpee pullups.  This was a effing hard workout, but not too mentally scary since it was only 10 reps of everything.  This was my first time using 95# pounds for thrusters; I hate hate hate thrusters (who doesn’t?!) especially since I feel like they take me forever to move my 5’11” body through the full range of motion.  It was heavy but I did it! As exciting as it was, the WOD made me sore as sh*t and my tricpes and shoulders hurt to touch.  But it hurts so good.

After sweating my @ss off (literally, I was soaked), I was lucky enough to change into dry clothes, just to get them all nice and sweaty before heading into my internship.  When I walked into the double doors, I felt like I had stepped into a freezer.  Apparently, something is broken with the air and it can’t be controlled.  It literally has been 60 degrees in there for the past couple of days.  Usually I’m cold anyway, but everyone was complaining so I know it was truly cold in there.

I even had my North Face on and capris and my lips were still blue (really, I looked dead) and I was shivering.  It was colder than the ice bath!  When I was off, I sat in my car and thawed out.  Yep, it was 97 degrees outside and the inside of my car felt awesome.  If I ever got caught in a real-life situation like in the movie The Grey, I don’t know what I’d do.

Enough complaining.  Time to get ready for the next session of freezing my @ss off.  I hope they fixed it so all my freshly shaved legs don’t grow an inch of hair from my goosebumps.  It’s lovely being a girl.


Piccy pics

I’m going to go ahead and pretend it hasn’t been forever since I’ve written on this thing…

Obviously, I’ve been too busy to tell you all about my life, so I’ll sum it up in some pictures!

This was my AMAZING meal that I got at Cafe Andiamo when I went to lunch with my Dad for his birthday.  They have a Paleo-friendly menu; I got the Chipotle Turkey Sliders and some sweet potato chips.  MMMmmmm definitely going back to try more!

Here’s my not-so-Paleo meal that gladly ate while I was in St. Louis for one of my friend’s bachelorette party!  I was a good little cavegirl and didn’t eat the bun, but somehow those homemade chips found their way into my mouth.  So sneaky.

Here’s a group of us CrossFitters out at a club with the bride, Megan, showing off our intoxicated handstands!  Somehow alcohol and CrossFitters always equals handstands and other random movements throughout the night!

 Yes. This is 15.5 ounces of Coconut Oil.  Only $6.99.  Perfect timing because I was out!  I’m going to miss Kroger once I move back home!  Is it weird to get excited about coconut oil?

I know what you’re thinking… this looks like a pile of dog sh*t.  I would have to agree.  If dog sh*t really tasted like these though, I would join my dog, Teddy, out in the yard and scarf down our other dogs doo doo everyday, too!  Ok, besides that, I attempted to make Paleo cookies without any added sugar (honey and so on) and ended up using almond flour, almond butter, apple sauce, carob powder, cinnamon, and an egg.  They were a tad bit dry, but they kept me from driving down to Casey’s and scarfing down some of their cookies or Drumsticks!

Roasted brussels sprouts! Yummmm.  I can’t eat too may at a time though, or else my tummy turns into a rumbling mess and it’s not a good day.

Here’s my dinner that I’ve been eating all week!  Salad with some blueberries, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, and chipotle chicken.  Drizzled of course with my new fav dressing!  Thanks to the cookbook Well Fed, her creamy Italian dressing goes well on everything. Score!

In case you haven’t heard, the CrossFit Games started yesterday and continue this weekend! That means, I will be glued to the live stream alllll weekend.  Saturday, CrossFit Instinct is allowing their members to hang out in the box all day and watch the games.  The catch is that we are doing “2 girls 1 guy’ while watching them!  Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s 2 girl WODs and 1 hero WOD.  Sunday is for sure going to be a rest day!!!

Random story to end on…

There is a young girl who trains where I am interning at and her name is Angel, which is my dog’s name.  During one of the group sessions, I had to voice her name quite often; let’s just say it’s so weird talking to someone with your dog’s name.  What’s even weirder is that when I say ‘Angel’, a human voice responds instead of a wagging tail.  I have to keep myself from petting her head and say ‘sit’….

I think this wins the most boring post of all time, so I apologize!

2 weeks until the CFI float trip.  3 weeks until my internship is over and I move back home with the boy.  Yay!!

yadnoM ssendaM

Can you believe it’s Monday, June 18th?!  I’ve been graduated for over a month, I’m halfway done with my internship, and it’s already the third week of the Paleo challenge.  Speaking of that, I had to subtract points for cheating for the first time since the start of the challenge.  Saturday night, I had a glass of wine and Sunday I had wings… and they were pretty darn yummy.

But, I’m 100% back on track and didn’t feel too icky after divulging into non-Paleo goodies; I’m just proud I didn’t give into any of the homemade pies or cookie dough cupcake (what the f, YUM) that were at the Farmer’s Market.  That place would be the ultimate place to get cheat food, take it home, curl up and nibble all day.  Good thing I know that side effects and would have a week full of headaches, clothes that don’t fit, and constant trips to the porcelain throne.

Yesterday, I went to the gym and got to do a WOD with fellow beasts; they did 4 workouts but I peaced out after 1 so I could spend some more time with my boy before leaving again for the week.  Here’s the one I did partnered with Molly:


Bent knee good mornings (95, 105, 115, 120, 135, 145)

Ring Dips

Accessory movements:

GHR partner assisted 2 x 12

Hip extensions 1 x 30

Standing db throwbacks 3 x 12 @ 30#

If I wasn’t partnered with her, I probably wouldn’t have gone as hard!  It’s so nice to have someone to work with and push you harder than normal, especially when it’s your older sister who you’ve been trying to catch up to since the old days at Muscle Corp.  and playing hours of 1-on-1 basketball on the driveway!

The most exciting thing I did this weekend was REGISTER FOR MY CROSSFIT LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATION!!!!!!!! I wanted to do it before the end of 2012 and finally gave in and signed up.  September 8th & 9th are going to be dates that I will never forget.  What makes it better is that I get to go with 6 fellow CrossFit Instinct members – I. Cannot. Wait.  I went to bed feeling excited, nervous, and happy with the decision I made.

Then my ‘beautiful’ iPhone harp alarm went of at 4am, letting me know that I need to get my @$$ up and go workout.  I knew what I had coming because I woke up around midnight and checked the WOD for Fit Bodies.  More hamstring work with overhead stuff… hellooooo triceps and legs!  All I can say is that walking up the 3 flights of stairs to my apartment isn’t cool.  Every step I feel like I’m going to fall backwards.  Needless to say, carrying 10 bags full of veggies and meat up those stairs felt like a WOD.

After catching my breath and gathering myself, I spent 2 hours cooking!  Thanks to Nelly radio on Pandora, it made things go a lot quicker.

So this was my attempt at making zucchini fritters… they didn’t come out very pretty or presentable.  But, they taste awesome so that’s all that matters!  I didn’t really measure anything too precisely but here’s what’s in them:

-6 small shredded zucchini

-1 red onion

-1/2 cup broccoli cabbage mix

-Cholula sauce

-3 eggs

-1/4ish cup coconut flour


This picture is only half of what it made… I am cooking for all week so now I have plenty!


Doesn’t this look like puke? Haha it looks disgusting, but is actually pretty good.  I’m going to use it on meats and mix in with tuna and salmon.  I will probably add other stuff to it too, like avocado or paleo mayo, depending on my food mood.

-almost a full bunch of Kale

– 1/2 can tomato sauce

-1 can green olives

-some olive oil & lemon juice



This was basically to get rid of some things in my kitchen, so it’s trial and error with ingredients.  I really just wanted to throw raw kale in the food processor and see what happened… and this happened.  Puke-looking, um, Pesto?


My favorite!  Paleo Mayo .  This mixes with everything and can be tweaked into any flavor with some spices and imagination!









…and this is what happens when you get lazy scraping the mayo out of the food processor.  I was sad that almost 2 tbsp. of my beloved mayo was now inedible and all over the floor.  Grr.









I also cooked up some beets, eggs, and meat.  Now all I have to do all week is eat.  And I never ever have problems with that!


Regionals Review

Hi!  Did you miss me?  It’s been a while… big girl life has started to take over and just as I’m getting into the groove of my schedule, it’s going to all change starting Tuesday!  Helloooo again to early mornings!

Well, one the most exciting weekends of the year is over – CrossFit Regionals.  I got to watch two of my coaches compete and kick some CrossFit a$$!  Watching beasts knock out some heavy weights and crazy WODs got the gears in my head turning again and now I have even more goals to add to my list.  I would love to compete with a team there someday, maybe in two years…. Bottom line, I want to be a bada$$ beast like the girls there.  It also was reassuring to see tall girls there… there’s hope!

Me and the man

Go Tim!!!!

Coach Tom!


I had a gazillion pictures and videos, but they didn’t do justice to seeing it all in person.  Watching the top athletes do muscle-ups with ease and throw around big weights makes everything look easy.  Then I remember how much hard work it takes and how much pain and time is put into it and it makes me want to grow up to be a CrossFit athlete.  Screw work and everything else.  Let’s WOD all day and play in the gym.  Who needs all that other stuff?

Speaking of stuff, I bought more clothes.  That means that almost 90% of my closet is stuffed with CrossFit related shirts… not to mention headbands and knee socks.  I think I have more knee socks than regular socks… I have a problem.

So what did I do on the way home from the most motivating weekend ever??  Cheated.  Me and Cole stopped at this small place and decided we deserved a small treat after three days of all-out cheering.  We split some cheesy pub chips and then I got pulled pork and nibbled at a few baked beans.  Have I mentioned that my body doesn’t agree with dairy?  Cheese is the worst.  We were only about an hour away from being home so when we were about 25 minutes away, it felt like I was getting stabbed in my stomach and I knew the cheese had hit.  I learned my lesson.  Then it started raining ungodly hard so it was not a fun drive the rest of the way home.  Cheese + Caroline = sick.  I won’t go into details, ha!

My body is still sore, thanks to my sister for writing me up a Westside Barbell workout to help build up my upper body strength.

I felt like a T-Rex when I was done.  I had to drive back up to Bloomington right after this and holding the steering wheel felt terrible.  Good thing I have knees that help drive =)

Know what else I found out I’m doing Saturday?  COMPETING in a small competition.  OMG I’m already nervous.  I love competing but sometimes my nerves take over, so I figure that if I want to eventually make it to Regionals, I need to learn to stay calm.  Hopefully they have on-sight bathrooms.  Even though this is nothing like Regionals, you have to start somewhere right?   But, it will be a blast so I’m excited!

Then that night is a 2-year CrossFit Instinct party!  #pumpedcity.  Let’s just say that there is probably going to be some drunken handstands, pullups, pistols, and other fun things involved.  CrossFit people are so fun!

I’ll leave you with goals/timeline that my sister wrote on the CrossFit Instinct white board.  Time to dial in and get serious!

Oh, and I got to see Chevelle in concert last night.  A-freaking-mazing.  They officially are my new favorite; I love them more than I already did.  They sounded awesome.  Be jealous.

A new journey

Yesterday was the first official Monday of post-graduation life/ summer.  And what’s that include?

  • 12-weeks as an intern
  • new schedule
  • new-ish apartment (well, I moved into my sister’s while she’s in moving transition to Arizona)
  • homework…still. Thank you, teacher.
  • REGIONALS! (as a spectator, duh)
  • CrossFit Instinct 2 year party

As for the internship, it. is. awesome.  I love the place I am at already; the people are great and I get to work with younger kids/teens and do functional training.  So fun!  The not so fun part?  My teacher is making us write reports every week to keep her updated on how things are going… I know, just plain nosey.  My schedule is total opposite than what it was during the school year (for now), so I am not starting my day until later instead of super early.  But, it’s a nice relief to be able to sleep in a bit and not get up at the butt crack of dawn to drive a van.  I don’t miss that at all.

I am missing my regular cable, though!  I can’t watch all my Bravo and Food Network shows every night :(, but I do have Netflix now, so my new thing is Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.  I’ve never watched it before so 88 episodes will keep me occupied for quite some time.  Moving is so hectic and I’m glad things worked out so I can live in my sister’s place for a couple months until I move back to Da Field, but that means: 2 girls in one apartment, both with a lot of clothes, bathroom accessories, and food.  I never thought I’d live with someone with more bathroom/perfume stuff than me (ahem, I packed a duffel bag full of smell-good stuff), but I think my sister wins on this one! (haha sorry, Liana, but you have a lot of stuff! =) Love you!)  BUT she lives at a place with a pool so you know where I’ll be on the weekends!

Since I’ve started a new schedule, it’s taking time to figure out when and what to eat.  The other day, I made a big thing of roasted root veggies and mixed it with some grass-fed beef so I can have dinner ready when I get home.  I’m starving by the time I walk in the door and if I don’t have something made, I seem to pick and snarf down all my food while I’m waiting for my real dinner to cook.  Oink oink.

Here’s what it turned out as:


I used: 4 parsnips, handful of baby carrots (I hate cooked carrots but I needed to get rid of them), one turnip, 4 small beets, 1 medium eggplant, some basil, pepper, salt, garlic, and coconut aminos.  I wanted to throw more veggies in there but there was no room!  I baked it at 375 degrees for about 40ish minutes and it went perfect mixed with some ground beef!

For now, that’s all I’ve had time to make, besides some eggs and maybe chicken tonight.

Want to know something cool?  I got a new back squat PR yesterday! woohoo!  I thought that after drowning myself in alcohol and some cheats that I would feel extra achey and weak, but nope!  A combo of good energy and positive thinking helped me fight through 190# back squat for the first time!  Next goal is to get over 200#, that would be amazing.  Or get a muscle-up, like my sister did!!! yay! I’m so happy for her!

Alright, time to get my WOD on.  3, 2, 1…Go!

Post- Whole30 hangover

WHOA. Where has the time gone?? These past 4 days have been so exciting and busy, they have literally flown by.

Wednesday was officially my last day of school and my last final; I was up nice and early to study since it was at 7:50am.  It was also the day my sister had to defend her thesis and I was lucky enough to go watch all of her dedication and hard work pay off– she did an awesome job!  Afterwards, we decided we needed to celebrate, true ISU style, and head over to The Pub.  At 2:45pm.  It was all downhill from there.

I had my first non-Whole30 item in 42 days!  Beer.  I can’t lie, it was mighty tasty.  After sitting and chatting for a couple hours, we headed down to Medici, a little restaurant/bar in uptown, to meet with some of my sisters classmates and teacher.  What’s the smartest thing to do after having pitchers of beer?  A blueberry muffin martini.  To put it lightly, this thing was nasty.  And strong.  The kind of strong where you get goosebumps and a twisted face after taking a sip.

After choking down that glass of blue grossness, we went back to The Pub and I thought I might as well keep switching things up and get some Vodka Lemonades.  Mmm those were super good!  If you’ve ever been to Normal and experienced The Pub on a Wednesday night, you know it gets crazy packed and full of college kids.  Since there was nowhere for our big group to sit together, we headed to a friend’s apartment and started playing this stupid game.  With beer.  And I sucked bad at the game.  All of that equals disgusting things.

My alcohol adventure

Let’s just say my night didn’t end pretty.  I saw swiss chard and meatza in ways I never want to see them again.  Ew.

As my sister said, at least I went out with a bang! Ha, funny because I woke up Thursday and felt like pure death.  I felt paralyzed.  I couldn’t even move out of bed for an hour; when I did, I moved to my couch and laid there.  I somehow mustered up energy to take a shower and amazingly didn’t fall over.  It might have been the worst 3 hours of my life.  AND I had to start packing my apartment up that day.  Ugh, it was a horrendous day to get through.

Friday was 100 times better because I actually worked out back at CrossFit Instinct! It was me, my sister, and a fellow female member (she’s going to Regionals yay!) and we did a partner-trio WOD-

Two people flipped a 205 lb. tire back and forth while the other person completed 10 KB swings (with a 70#!) and 30 double unders for a total of 10 min.  I’ve never used a 70# KB in a WOD before and it was a monster!  My forearms are still sore from that dang tire too!  The other ladies did amazing and it was so fun to get a good workout in.

What’s even better is that my other sister drove back to ISU with me to celebrate me and my other sister’s graduations!  It was such a fun night hanging out with both of them- I love having 2 older sisters who are my best friends! =)


Saturday was moving/graduation day.  I love how the apartment places make us move out by 5pm on graduation day… so nice.  Thank God my sister was here to help me or I would have been SOL.  Finally, graduation happened, we went out to dinner with my parents (yay!) and they took another load of my junk home.  Moving is such a headache, but I’m lucky I moved into my sisters apartment while she’s away for the summer.

So that’s it.  Tomorrow starts another chapter in life – the summer internship.  We get to pay the school for a “class” so I can work for free for 12 weeks.  Makes so much sense, right?  What I am super excited for is this weekend… North Central CrossFit Regionals!!!!!!! Yay!  I will be the best cheerleader in the crowd.

Ok, time to shower and chill.  Went on a 90 minute bike ride for the first time in ages so I’m probably going to be sore in all the wrong spots tomorrow!