The game of numbers… with a picture.

Life is a numbers game, wherever you turn.  Money = numbers.  Work = hours (numbers).  Food = calories (numbers).  Age = numbers.  Health = numbers.  One of the more important ‘numbers’ that we should be aware of is our health number… Blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, weight, body fat, bone density, and so on.  Although these numbers should not consume you, it is crucial to be aware of what makes you up!  I remember learning about body fat and suitable levels for ages and lifestyles (athlete vs. non-athlete) and being surprised on what these percentages translate into physically. Since learning this reality, it is sometimes tough to hear people talk about what they think their percentage is around.  The media likes to make it seem as if every celebrity is perfect and skinny; truth is, they most likely are NOT and it’s some extra camera-magic and less-than-informed reporter talking.  I’ve heard football announcer state announce how “this player has 0% body fat!”… Nope.  Never true.  He wouldn’t be human.
This post isn’t to make you feel down about where you might be… this post is to show you how these percentages look and that you shouldn’t look down upon someone who may be 25% body fat.  Or as my professor would say, 75% lean!
On a side note… Ladies, getting under 12% is DANGEROUS and harmful for you and your hormones.  We were built to carry extra fat to support the babies we were blessed with being able to carry.  It is just as dangerous being under-fat than it is to be over-fat.  Men have different hormones than women, that’s why the percentages look so different between the two.  Don’t look at this as “wow, my body fat is high/low”.  Look at it as another number that can help keep you on the healthy end of life’s spectrum.