Live Like a Dog


During Saturday’s class, the QOD (question of the day) was “Who inspires you?”; each person’s answer was great and added a positive vibe to get class going. One of the last answers one of our athletes said was her dog; I could not agree more.

It is so easy to get caught up in everyday activities and the routine of life. Wake up early, eat, work, work out, eat, work, eat, work, shower, sleep. Day after day, you see the same people, hear the same comments about how their day is going (ever realize how many times you say you’re ‘good’?), and hear the same negative news stories. My new goal is to stop living in the past or planning too much of my future and be like my dog – stay in the moment. She is always in a happy mood and never disappointed to see me. How great is it to know that there is always someone (yes, my dog is a ‘someone’) patiently waiting for you to step foot inside the door?

She takes it one moment at a time. Always happy to go for a walk and to receive food. The biggest lesson learned from my roomie, Lizzy, is to stay present and stay grateful, even for the smallest of treats.