…And so it ends.

January 31st marked my 30th day of my second Whole30 journey. Not only have I felt extra energized, but it was the easiest ‘challenge’ that I have done. In my previous post, I went through a few of my nutrition transitions and even after all of those, this Whole30 was simply awesome.

The first couple of weeks, I felt pretty bloated and was kind of disappointed because I knew I shouldn’t feel that way. I went out and bought a probiotic and after about 5 days, the bloating went away. Since then, I have had zero issues, barely any cravings at all, and my meals (no matter how complex or simple) seem to taste so good! If you have any allergies, sinus problems, acne troubles, bloating, or hormone issues, I would highly recommend completing 30 days of this reset program.

So what happens on day 31? Personally, I am not going to change much at all. Yesterday, my friend had a birthday party and the only non-Whole30 goodies I had were a couple bacon-wrapped chicken pieces and a tiny piece of paleo bread. Bacon not Whole30?? Here in Springpatch, we don’t carry the highest quality bacon that Whole30 allows and any paleo-fied foods aren’t allowed. So those were my ‘cheats’, but it did not affect me in a bad way.

The only changes I am going to make from the Whole30 rules are adding bacon (Gluten-Free, Nitrate-Free, Hormone-Free…) and maybe some honey. Still undecided on honey, but it wouldn’t be much. I am grateful that I took on the Real Life Eating challenge that started between me and my two sisters over Christmas!