I’m back to blog!

Did you forget I had a blog? Yeah, I did too. The last post was in January and so much has changed. Without going into too much boring detail, I have moved (again) and am living with two roommates… They go by Mom and Dad. Ha. Thank god they are cool and very very easy to live with 🙂

Anyway, back on track with wods and food. Today was yet another great Sunday! Instead of going to the gym for a typical workout, Molly and I took advantage of the warm, sunny weather and went to the park and did some walking/trail running for about 90 minutes. Tomorrow it’s back to the gym to throw some weights around!

I went to the store and picked up the weekly ingredients to try out some new recipes.



I ended up making some cabbage with chicken, broccoli salad, roasted sweet potatoes with poblano pepper, and some burgers. Should be a pretty yummy week!

Oh and what I am most excited for is my new ice cream maker!!!! I am going to test it out tonight and try some vanilla paleo ice cream. I can’t wait since ice cream is my number one favorite food!


I’ll leave you with some words of advice… Never leave zucchini in the fridge too long. It will look like this and make you want to hurl. Blech.


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