After a pretty nasty wod of heavy Russian Kettlebell swings and hand release push-ups, I had to force myself to not lay around and nap because I needed to go to the store and cool for the week. The Paleo Eat Well Be Well challenge is going great! I have allowed myself to eat some dried fruits and Paleo treats; besides that, it’s veggies and meat/eggs all day!

I’ve gotten to the point where I am feeling fantastic from eating clean and am over the hump of feeling sluggish from the holiday food (Thank GOD). Eating clean really does make such a dramatic difference in my training!

Here’s some of my meals for the week. 14 meals, 2 hours. What’s not pictured is my post wod shake and sweet potato. I also will sometimes make dinner after work once I get home from work. That’s one week of meals in 2 hours! Close to a PR!

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Kale, mushroom, tomato and egg bake

chicken & spinach with bacon

spaghetti squash with some beef mix… From Practical Paleo

one week of food and no more Tupperware!

here’s my latest hair style by Molly! I was her model for her boards test today. She did amazing! Congrats Molly!!

Paleo and puppies

This week starts the Eat Well Be Well Paleo Month at CrossFit Instinct. Here is one of my new favorite recipes… Marinated peppers, onions, and chicken! Mixed with some avocado and coconut aminos, this meal is ever so tasty and cures all cravings. Not to mention the person who lived in my apartment before me left a sweet wok-like pan. Thank you for forgetting! 🙂


Here’s a cute baby Lizzy face. I’m so thankful we adopted her! <;3




Sunday in review

Today was such a good day! Started off with some yummy blood oranges, made some coconut flour tortillas and chicken, and got a nasty blood blister from pull-ups and toe to bar! I’ll have to pop it tomorrow… Yuck.
Oh! And we got our own NEW washer and dryer!!! It even plays a little song when the laundry’s done. That’s legit.








Yes those are homemade sweet potato chips and yes they are crispy!! I ordered the Chip Maker Set from Pampered Chef and tested it out. I can’t wait to try it with apples, zucchini, and more veggies! One bad thing, my microwave temporarily broke but thankfully I used some magic and it works again!
Yay for Paleo innovations!