Piccy pics

I’m going to go ahead and pretend it hasn’t been forever since I’ve written on this thing…

Obviously, I’ve been too busy to tell you all about my life, so I’ll sum it up in some pictures!

This was my AMAZING meal that I got at Cafe Andiamo when I went to lunch with my Dad for his birthday.  They have a Paleo-friendly menu; I got the Chipotle Turkey Sliders and some sweet potato chips.  MMMmmmm definitely going back to try more!

Here’s my not-so-Paleo meal that gladly ate while I was in St. Louis for one of my friend’s bachelorette party!  I was a good little cavegirl and didn’t eat the bun, but somehow those homemade chips found their way into my mouth.  So sneaky.

Here’s a group of us CrossFitters out at a club with the bride, Megan, showing off our intoxicated handstands!  Somehow alcohol and CrossFitters always equals handstands and other random movements throughout the night!

 Yes. This is 15.5 ounces of Coconut Oil.  Only $6.99.  Perfect timing because I was out!  I’m going to miss Kroger once I move back home!  Is it weird to get excited about coconut oil?

I know what you’re thinking… this looks like a pile of dog sh*t.  I would have to agree.  If dog sh*t really tasted like these though, I would join my dog, Teddy, out in the yard and scarf down our other dogs doo doo everyday, too!  Ok, besides that, I attempted to make Paleo cookies without any added sugar (honey and so on) and ended up using almond flour, almond butter, apple sauce, carob powder, cinnamon, and an egg.  They were a tad bit dry, but they kept me from driving down to Casey’s and scarfing down some of their cookies or Drumsticks!

Roasted brussels sprouts! Yummmm.  I can’t eat too may at a time though, or else my tummy turns into a rumbling mess and it’s not a good day.

Here’s my dinner that I’ve been eating all week!  Salad with some blueberries, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, and chipotle chicken.  Drizzled of course with my new fav dressing!  Thanks to the cookbook Well Fed, her creamy Italian dressing goes well on everything. Score!

In case you haven’t heard, the CrossFit Games started yesterday and continue this weekend! That means, I will be glued to the live stream alllll weekend.  Saturday, CrossFit Instinct is allowing their members to hang out in the box all day and watch the games.  The catch is that we are doing “2 girls 1 guy’ while watching them!  Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s 2 girl WODs and 1 hero WOD.  Sunday is for sure going to be a rest day!!!

Random story to end on…

There is a young girl who trains where I am interning at and her name is Angel, which is my dog’s name.  During one of the group sessions, I had to voice her name quite often; let’s just say it’s so weird talking to someone with your dog’s name.  What’s even weirder is that when I say ‘Angel’, a human voice responds instead of a wagging tail.  I have to keep myself from petting her head and say ‘sit’….

I think this wins the most boring post of all time, so I apologize!

2 weeks until the CFI float trip.  3 weeks until my internship is over and I move back home with the boy.  Yay!!

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