I hate goosebumps.

It’s June and I’m sitting here in a sweatshirt and under a blanket…wtf?!  I hate when it’s chilly cold out; I have constant goosebumps which means that I have to shave more often.  And my sweatshirt smells like popcorn because I had to sit in the CarX lobby where they make fresh popcorn.  It smelled amazing.  But not on my sweatshirt.  WHERE’S THE WARMTH AND SUN?!  Gah, life’s difficult.

Speaking of difficult, last weekend was that competition that I was talking about how nervous I already was for it.  The thing was, the competition was Saturday and I was so nervous all day Friday that by the time it was ready to compete, I was more excited than gut-wrenching nervous.  Saturday may have been the best day of my life.  I got to do an individual and team WOD with some great people.  Our team even finished in 1st!  Competing with groups of people who are passionate about working out is so fun, even while covered in sweat and dirt.


That night, a party was held for CrossFit Instinct’s 2-year anniversary; CrossFitters know how to party! There was even a cake there (made by a member) that looked like a bumper plate and had a baby kettlebell, jump rope, and dynamax ball on it.  Aaaaand it tasted AMAZING.  I had 2 pieces and didn’t feel bad about stuffing it into my face.  Icing and all.


Know what I did the other day?  I bought a new swim suit.  At a normal people’s store (Target) and it actually fit!  Usually it’s terrible trying to find one and I usually get frustrated and give up because everything fits me funny.  So  now all I have to do is wait for it to get warmer and I can lay out by the awesome pool by my apartment.  Yippeee!!

My internship pretty much rocks and I am so glad that I’m where I’m at; I work with kids (who are all athletes) and train them.  The main thing I have learned is that kids are… strange.  I love working with them but, they are in a totally different world sometimes.  Makes me laugh so I like it! 

I also like that I am now a morning WODaholic again.  And I love it.  Doing 5:15am or 6am classes means that my bedtime is early.  Like 8 year old early.  Like in-bed-at-7:30-asleep-by-8-early.  Loser?  Whatever.  I like my 8 hours of sleep.  I get my wakeupearly genes from my Dad, who has always been awake by 4am ever since I can remember.  Thanks, Dad! 

Paleo challenge starts Monday!  60 days of Paleo, hopefully zero to minimal cheats, and a countdown to the CrossFit Instinct Float Trip!  Imagine… a big groups of CrossFitters floating down a river with alcohol.  Yeah, it’s going to be epic.