Iiiiiiit’s Friday!

I officially made it through  day 30 of the Whole30 challenge.  So, I decided day 31 called for a little reward…

I drove to McDonald’s and got the pancake breakfast with extra syrup, a bacon-egg McMuffin, and a yogurt parfait.  I hit up Starbuck’s on the way home to grab a Venti White Mocha Latte and slurped it down before I even had a chance to walk into my apartment.

HA! Got ya! Juuuuust kidding!  That’d be awful.  Today is like every other day of eating for me… Egg quiche for breakfast with some avocado.  So much better than the carb coma um, “breakfast” that I wrote about above.  Ew, if I really ate that, I would either be passed out about to explode or in the bathroom all day.  Make that all week.  Prior to being strict Whole30 or Paleo, I learned my lesson the hard way about cheating and I’m not sure I want to experience that again.

Yesterday might have been a near-perfect day.  For one, it was warm and sunny which made for minimal goosebumps and freezing hands (that’s always a plus!!). Two, the lunch crew WOD was buzzing with super motivating and positive energy and we all killed the WOD!  Here’s what we did:

13 min AMRAP:

5 hang power cleans (95#/135# or 115#/155# for Rx+)

10 plyo pushups

150m sprint

I was feeling extra good and tried 115# and did it!  One note: hook grip is an absolute must.  I lost my hook on the 4th rep of one of my rounds and figured I’d just do my last rep with overhand grip. Uh, BAD IDEA.  The bar went flying and I almost made the chalk bucket spill everywhere.  While I was successful getting my front rack and shrug, apparently I wasn’t getting under it enough.

Yeah, I have a sweet bruise on my collar bone and it hurts.  All I need is to draw eyes and a mouth and it will look like a clown nose.

Besides having a fantastic time WODing, I reached a new and long-awaited goal!  I did one unassisted ring dip!  Thanks to Coach Janelle for pushing me! =)

I have found that up-ing the food in my post-WOD meal has helped me stay full waaaay longer than before.  Score!

To keep my from going crazy while sitting around doing homework for hours, I went to Starbucks and got an Iced Unsweetened Passion Tea. MMmmm so good.


The Schnucks here started to sell grass-fed beef in the meat department which is freakin’ awesome since it saves me a trip to another store.  And the butcher told me that I was the first one to buy it. 😛  Get used to me, buddy!  I cooked up some meatballs with it last night and it was delish.  Want to know something really weird?  When I opened the package, the raw meat smelled… good.  The thought of it kind of creeped me out because that’s just doesn’t seem normal.

Anyway, it tasted just as awesome as I knew it would; I added the meatballs to some pre-cooked spaghetti squash and tomato sauce and mushrooms.  Why did the mushroom always get invited to all the big parties?  Because he was a fungi.  Why did the fungi leave the party?  Because there wasn’t mushroom.  *Cue laughter*

Don’t you just love cooking spaghetti squash?  I swear I’m going to chopped off my hand or burn off my fingers every time I make it.  I tried microwaving it first before cutting it (I saw that tip on TV) and it kind of worked… After slamming my knife into the raw SOB, I popped it in the microwave for 10 minutes.  I let it cool, or so I thought, and cut off the ends while cursing at it for still being so freaking hot.  The only downside of microwaving it before cutting it was that it was messy and it was harder to get all the seeds out (that made for some suprise seeds in my meal).

So do I recommend it?  Depends.  If you have a huge good knife and a strong arm or a big man to do it for you, cut it raw.  Otherwise, if you get frustrated easily and usually end up pulling the knife out of the squash so hard that it flies in your face, cook it first.

All that hard work for a small bowl of dinner.  And no picture because it looked like a bowl of slop.  I’m challenged when it comes to presentation and would be the first one cut on Chopped if I ever got on the show.

Enough blabbing for today – I have to get right for some mobility and skill work today.  Happy Friday!



4 thoughts on “Iiiiiiit’s Friday!

  1. I love cooking spaghetti squash! Although cutting that bitch is hard. I will deal with it though because microwaves freak me out!! I wont use one unless its the only option. I’ve read a lot of bad things about microwaving food. Not only does it radiate your food (even for just a few seconds) it also changes the chemical makeup of the food?!? That’s just wierd and creepy to me. I’ll stick to the oven 🙂 congrats on day 30!’

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