Today is the day!  Yes, I think Whole30 has finally fully kicked in.  I woke up from an amazing night of sleep (no weird dreams thankfully) and felt refreshed and awake when my alarm woke me up.  For the past two weeks, I felt like I was starving 24/7 and it kind of got hard to deal with; today was different, though.  I have been moderately hungry around the times I normally eat and am craving healthy food!  So I won’t ramble on about Pop Tarts, Reese’s, Ben & Jerry’s Half-Baked ice cream, or any other cheat that I would scarf down if they were Paleo.

I’m not bloated anymore, which is a huuuuge relief and I feel in control of things.  The only sucky thing is that I woke up with a scratchy throat and it hasn’t gone away.  I’m blaming allergies.  I wouldn’t have bad allergies if I lived out in Scottsdale, Arizona…maybe someday…  I saw something on the Today Show about housing there.  I think it’s a sign (and if you can’t tell, I usually have the Today Show on every morning while I’m doing homework and other business).

I have to give thanks to my CF box, Fit Bodies, for making it hard to walk to class this afternoon.  Here was the WOD:

run 800m then…

10 rounds of:

10 overhead walking lunges (25# plate)

10 ground to overhead (25# plate)

then… 800m run

My poor hammies were on FIRE! …and shoulders!  It was a good Tuesday burner.

So I decided to add some new veggies to my list and I. am. jacked.  Parsnips are freaking awesome.  I first got the this past Friday at Station 220 and tried steaming them on my own tonight:

They taste like a delicate mix of banana and carrots; I usually hate hate hate cooked carrots, but these are awesome.  And they’re easy to make! Just peel and steam.  This little guy helped me peel.  He likes overhead squats.

Okay, I had a lot more written but when I published it, it erased it all.  It always does that and it makes me want to snap my laptop in half.  I apologize I am not going to re-write it.

Ring ring! My dinner’s calling.  Time to go!


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