I wish cookies were Whole30

I think I was Cookie Monster in my past life

I think I was Cookie Monster in my past life

Day 14.  That means 16 left until it’ll be 30 days… I’m reeeaaallyy trying not to focus on the “end” because I would love to stick with the total cleanness of Whole 30.  Plus, paying attention to the end date makes it seem like day 31 will be raining with candy, cookies, and ice cream.  If it were, I’d be totally down.  For now, the focus needs to be day-by-day.

Too bad my cravings are horrific and taking over me this week and I’m hungry all the time.  It’s my lucky week of craving anything not related to veggies.  I just need to tough it out until the end of this week then things will be totally cool.  Or maybe I should stop watching Food Network so much; Unwrapped and Cupcake Wars are too tempting.  I think my insulin spikes just from watching it.  And brussels sprouts and beef just ain’t cuttin’ it.

Speaking of yummy food, I tried making this paleo-lasagna on Sunday.  I nixed the cheese and the squash and added more of the other veggies.  Let’s just day that it was a paleo-cooking-fail.  It tasted pretty good but instead of coming out of the oven in one solid, slice-able piece of goodness, it came out more like a slop of vegetables, meat, and tomato sauce.  I’m blaming it on the fact that I don’t own a mandolin – I found some to buy a while back but decided I needed to spend that money on groceries.  I can’t wait to not be a poor college kid.

Have you seen this? Jessica Biel is a CrossFitter.  Woo!  I knew I always liked her.

Ok, time to study for my test about carb-loading for life.

Lesson of the day: Procrastinating gets you nowhere.  Writing in your blog makes you feel better about it.


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