No Easter hangover for me!

Ohmygoodness.  I just realized it’s day 13 out of day 30.  And I’ve made it through 2 full weekends, which were always my downfall; wings and dried fruit always seemed to creep in on a Saturday or Sunday… Not this time! Woo!  Easter was also yesterday, which is usually my ultimate candy cheat day.  I remember when I was maybe in 3rd or 4th grade and I gave up some sweets for Lent – including my favorite breakfast, S’mores Pop Tarts.  Man, I could eat the $h!t out of those things.  I would always usually give up sweets for Lent because it was something that I loved, so when Easter rolled around (AKA Lent was over), it was go time.  The Easter bunny always loaded me and my sisters’ baskets with the best Easter candy.. ya know, Reese’s Eggs, Cadbury Eggs, M&Ms, Peeps, Whoppers, marshmallow bunnies – basically everything you’d find in the candy aisle.

But, my mom (aka my favorite Easter bunny) knows that I’m currently Whole30 so there was no candy sent my way – it’s great to have supportive people around, respect what you’re doing, and not tempt you.  Speaking of temptations, I went to another movie this weekend.  This time, I brought some meat, strawberries, and a few nuts.  Good thing no one was sitting next to me =)  Then, my almost-all-the-time -Paleo fellow caveman ordered wings. He said he felt bad eating them in front of me, so he gave me the celery.  Thanks.

Soooo, I was going to wait until after I completed the Whole30 to do this, but I had a bad itch for it and went for it.  Know that little flap on your ear that attaches by your cheek bone?  Yep, I got my tragus pierced.  My boyfriend got to sit there and watch me get a needle jammed through it.  My pain tolerance is pretty high for this stuff so it stung for about 2 seconds (unlike the painful minutes of Fran) and still hasn’t bothered me.  I ❤ piercings.  It’s #15.  I swear they’re all on my neck up besides my belly button ha.

Today is my rest day since I did 4 days of WODing before this.  I got in some GHD sit-ups yesterday and as time goes on, the soreness in my abs is getting worse and worse.  And my traps are tender.  But it’s that good sore that borderline pain I like.  Crazy?  Yes.

Since I get pretty tired of slugging back water every day, I gave in and bought some tea from Starbucks.  I highly recommend it; it tastes good hot or cold and they sell it in stores, too!

I’ve been blabbing a lot  lately about my breakfast and thanks to my sister, she reminded me to post the recipe.  So, here it is .  I’ve also thrown in some peppers and other veggies that I have lying around and it all works and makes it yummy!  I make the whole recipe and cut it into fourths so I can have it for the remainder of the week.  Preparation is key to Whole30!

Looking for an interesting documentary about how messed up our food system and government are? FRESH shows some pretty crazy stuff and serves as an eye-opener.  It also serves as some motivation to eat better!

Enough randomness for now.  Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter hangover because I feel  GREAT!  No, I’m not rubbing it in or anything.  Just saying.

One thought on “No Easter hangover for me!

  1. Thanks for the recipe!

    Song of the day for you: Jennifer Lopez (feat Pitbull-AKA my other boyfriend), “Dance Again”

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