I made it! Double-digits!

It’s the second weekend of my Whole30 and I’m sitting in a car dealership staring at a soda and candy machine. Know what? I don’t even want any of it. Not one craving. My bottle of water is more satisfying than the $1.75 bottle of instant insulin-spiking soda. SCORE.

Something else that helps is the fact that me and the boy did a hero WOD at FitBodies this morning. I don’t know if it was the fact that I felt nauseous on the way back from my 5th round or the throbbing rips in my hands that keeps me going. Or all the above. Doesn’t CrossFit sound sexy?

Speaking of sexy, I’m sporting my LifeAsRX knew socks with capris. Not something you see everyday. I expect a lot of staring again. Just like when I wore my neon green knee socks to the mall last night. I swear I’m not crying for attention- I’m just too lazy to change (ew, makes me sound dirty) and I don’t want my huge box jump scars and basketball scars to open up again. Knee socks=protection. And they keep me extra toasty warm. No goosebumps=happy.

Want to know what’s really annoying? Crowded places with crying screaming babies. Now I’m inside a hair place (not for me). Holy cow. My ears feel like they’re bleeding. The WOD seemed easier than sitting here surrounded by too many people in a small space with little kids running everywhere. Good thing the hair place is in a grocery store. Think I’m gonna go buy some kale. Kale always makes it everything better. I need to stock up for the week so I can enjoy my amazing breakfast!

Alright folks, I’m out. Gotta drop some moola on some veggies. Dropping’ some green for some greens.

Song of the day: Skrillex- Bangarang. Love this song! Did the open WoD 12.4 to this so it reminds me of one hundred freakin fifty wall balls. BOOM.


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