A Snatch-tastic Day 7

One week down and I’m feeling wonderful!  The more I feel better, the further away I get from wanting to change from eating this way.  Pretty cool, huh?

This morning I had the Today Show on and Carnie Wilson was a guest… If you didn’t know, she had gastric-bypass surgery some years back, lost weight (half her size = 150lbs), gained it back, and is or already had another weight-loss surgery (Lap Band).  This blew my mind.  Yes, surgery should be the last choice for those who are very obese, but 2 SURGERIES for weight loss?  People never cease to amaze me.  This is why eating properly and getting enough physical activity MUST BE A LIFESTYLE and people need to stop being lazy.

Ok, I’ll step down from my soapbox.

So you know how I was ranting about those nasty buffalo gnats?  And how I hate bugs and insects?  Well today I got into my car from being at the Daily Vidette and there was a wasp on my side mirror (I noticed right as I was pulling out, with my windows down).  Quickly, I put my windows up and continued driving home.  Guess what?  IT STAYED ON MY MIRROR THE WHOLE WAY HOME.  wtf?!  I can’t get away!

Thankfully I made it home safe (I know you were worried) and went to load up my snatch and throw some balls.  Wall Balls.

Fit Bodies WOD today was: 15-12-9-6-3 power snatch (115#/75#) and wall ball (20#/14#).  Holy legs and shoulders. Having an amazing group of people to WOD with makes it so much more fun and enjoyable, which is what I had today!  I even got that ‘weightless’ feeling of the snatch at least 4 times! Yay! After I was done sweating my ass off, that CrossFit high hit.  Know what I mean?  That addicting feeling that makes you want more… that’s what it’s all about!  The best way to ruin that CF high?  Class.  I hope everyone enjoyed my beautiful sweaty hair and shirt.  SEXY.

We had a guest speaker come in and about insurance and god-knows what else.  All I could pay attention to was the 5-inch long beard that was growing in a 3-inch space off of his chin.  It was so weird and ugly.  I don’t know how that wouldn’t get annoying; it looked so itchy.  Every time he would move his jaw, it would bounce and look like it was shivering on his chin.  He at least could have used some frizz serum because that thing was all over the place.  Can’t you tell I’m interested in my class?

To top my day off, I had to have a meeting with the teacher from the black lagoon.  Nothing’s worse than plastering on a fake smile and nodding for 15 minutes to make them feel good.  [Side note: not all teachers are like this.  I know plenty of great ones, too] I’m not a fake person, but I might as well be a suck-up for the next few months to get a good grade.  If my teacher could read my mind, I think I would have been kicked out of school.  I left our little meeting feeling PO’d and annoyed… details will remain at a minimum for now.  Know what fixed my mood?

I found out that Cholula Sauce is Whole30 approved. BOO-YA!  Have you ever tried it?  It’s so good on everything.  Who knew that a small bottle of hot sauce would make my day?! Oh, and my sister brought me a spicy chicken boob that she had leftover.  That made my day, too!  Yummmm.  Already ate it in a salad and then for dinner with some asparagus and that cauliflower & carrot puree.

Know what else is an awesome feeling?  Having a fridge full of food, mostly premade meals.  Yep, put my big girl skills to the test and cooked some more food.  I cooked  a rutabaga and bison ‘hash’ for the next few days.  Rutabaga.. for some reason reminds me of the show Doug… I think because it sounds like his friend’s name, Chalky Studebaker.  Am I the only one that remembers that? haha Rutabaga.. Studebaker… I don’t know.  I was a weird kid.

Well, that was my day.  No all that’s left is to watch Real Housewives of Orange County; did I ever say I hate drama?  I love this show though.  Guess I’ll live my drama through TV!

Song of the day: Rusted Root Pandora Radio.  Uplifting and fun to cook to!


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