Just Another Manic Monday…

So I decided to quit Whole30 and chow down on candy, ice cream, and Steak N Shake. HA! Belated April Fools! Here we go…

Monday, Day 5, 1/6th of the way through my Whole30 journey.  I feel good and have noticed that I haven’t been feeling bloated on-and-off throughout the day like I used to, so that is awesome!  Yesterday I was able to easily eat my meals and stay on track with little temptation.  It was hard to only eat a few delish macadamia nuts and have the entire container sit there and stare at me… But I brushed my teeth before I could overdo it so it made for a pretty good evening!

I drove back up to school early this morning and didn’t get enough sleep last night, so I’ve been dragging pretty much all day.  It doesn’t help my classes almost force my eyes close for the excruciating 50 minutes that I have to sit through.  It’s really not that bad but my Senioritis is very up-and-at-it lately.

Last week I took a de-load/light week with my WODs so today I was back and at it!  Let’s just say that it is going to hurt to pour shampoo in my hands and wash my hair – toes to bar got me.  And so did jumping split lunges and deads.  My glutes are fried!  Since the WOD wore me out, I drove to class.  Terrible, I know because it’s not even that far, but don’t judge me.

It’s Monday, so it’s time to go drop my hard-earned money on food food food.  Stocked up on the usual – veggies, meat, and coconut oil.

SERIOUSLY?! Ugh, this stupid website just deleted the rest of the post I just wrote.  And it wasn’t short.  Sorry for the brief ADD but I’ve come this close to throwing my computer out the window all day and now it did that. SWEEEEET.  I’ll try to redo what I just wrote, but I’m getting sleepy, so bear with me.

While at the store, I got to visit my favorite Easter candy.  I told it that I don’t miss how it makes me feel and that if someone paid me $500, I would plow down a pound of these.  I swear I’m not psycho, I have a bad sweet tooth but I’ve learned to control it and walk away.  Thank god or else my diet would consist of ice cream, cookies, and candy.  A dentist’s dream!

My bill was higher this week and usually I’m spot on with my money spending.  Then I remembered I bought razor refills.  Who knew 4 razor REFILLS would cost as much as almost 3 pounds of grass-fed beef?! Insane, I know.

Dinner was an amazing buffalo burger with carrot & cauliflower puree and a sweet potato. YUM!  I got my egg and veggie-bake ready for the next 4 days and can’t way to tear into it tomorrow morning.

Okay, my eyes are droopin’ and my contacts are starting to stick to my eyes.  Know what that means?  BED TIME!  New clean sheets = best feeling ever.

Lesson of the day:  Buffalo gnats are no joke.  Run if you see them.  Run far and fast.  They love to bite me and make me look like I have little horns growing out of my forearm.  I hate bugs.  Another reason I want to move to Arizona!


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