Pound away that hammer, little guy!

Happy last day of March! I can’t believe that tomorrow is going to be April. So crazy. But it’s been a tough month and I’ve had to deal with a lot of losses so it will be a refreshing start for me and a lot of others!

Yesterday I came back home for the weekend… You know what that means? A cooler packed full of Whole30 approved foods. Not like I eat bad while I’m here, it’s just hard to not have my own fridge handy and cook in my 3×5 kitchen. And I would be lying if I said I always eat perfect.

The hardest part is not getting little snacks here and there, like those deadly Smokehouse almonds that are stashed in my boyfriend’s cabinet. I think I need to stop watching Food Network for a while too. I find myself gawking at the TV and dreaming about how awesome of a judge I would be on Chopped and Cupcake Wars. YUM.

I’ve had a terrible headache all day and both of my sisters (who have done the Whole30 challenge) said that it might just be from making the switch to super clean eating. I just want it to stop! It’s not cool to feel like a little guy is constantly banging a hammer to my forehead.

On a positive note, I got my hair done by my sister and she did wonderful! I knew she would but getting your hair done by someone you are related to makes for a much better experience. No awkward, annoying talk and sitting uncomfortably for 2 hours.

So, I’m almost done with day 4. Feeling good. No super hard temptations. Yet. I’ll be fine though. I could use a nap now and some food, so I’m going to nibble down some meat and beets! Isn’t that neat? Haha alright. Until next time… Keep it whole people! (not whole grain… Or any grains)

Lesson of the day: Sisters are amazing. Bottom line. Nothing beats the strong bond between us!

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