Day 2 hubaloo

DREAM ALERT!  So almost every night, I remember all of my crazy dreams and love to try to analyze them.  Last night, I had one the I cheated…. no, not on my boyfriend… even worse.  On my Whole30 (ha kidding about the bf).  I was out to dinner with a whole bunch of people and started eating a salad with croutons and french dressing.  Then had some other stuff and didn’t realize I was cheating until after I was done eating.  Talk about a freak out session in a dream!

Analyze it, Caroline!. That’s not healthy to be thinking about cheating and getting so upset.  I read a post about cheating in dreams before, but I feel I know my level of control and am going to calmly keep going at it.  I already feel awesome and still super freakin motivated.  Plus, Wayne Dyer entered back into my life today (see below) so everything seems 100 times better =)

So, yep, Day 2 = successful.  Well, it’s not quite over but I know I am going to be good.  I found a really good breakfast. An I-wake-up-excited-because-I-get-to-eat-it good meal.  Here it is if you want to try (highly suggested!).

It started raining out about an hour ago and since then I feel like my mood got worse.  Actually, I take that back.  It started when I went to my class today… It’s supposed to be a class that prepares us for our MANDATORY summer internship, but it’s more like a stress-filled, cortisol-heightening 50 minutes.  I’m not the only one that feels like that so I don’t feel as bad saying that.  I found out that we have to write a bazillion papers all summer; not that many, but it seems like it!

Walking back home from hell class, I walked by a girl on the phone with her boyfriend (I’m assuming), yelling about her calling him and being all psycho.  That made me walk a little faster, didn’t want to hear that.  Then I almost got hit by a car.  That’s always exciting (not my fault).

I went to Starbucks because my HUGE apartment sometimes gets to me (joking, it’s perfect size for a hamster).  The aroma of coffee always helps the day seem a little brighter and it definitely helped me plow through some homework.  I brought my own snack to eat there because their Cake Pops and over-sized, heavenly cookies don’t make my Whole30 list.  So I hope that the people sitting around me liked the smell of hard-boiled eggs haha

What really topped my day off (for real) was listening to “Wishes Fulfilled” by my idol, Dr. Wayne Dyer while I was making food for this weekend.  I think I had goosebumps the entire time I was listening, it was beautiful and I can’t wait to listen to more!  If you haven’t read or heard of him, it’s life-changing!

All that’s left of my second day of Whole30 is brushing my teeth, showering, and gawking at all the apartments/condos on ‘Selling New York’.  And maybe some Food Network.  I watch it way too much and it makes me hungry so it might not be cool to watch right now.

Lesson of the day, as stated by Bob Marley: “Don’t worry about a thing…’cause every little thing gonna be alright”

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