Pound away that hammer, little guy!

Happy last day of March! I can’t believe that tomorrow is going to be April. So crazy. But it’s been a tough month and I’ve had to deal with a lot of losses so it will be a refreshing start for me and a lot of others!

Yesterday I came back home for the weekend… You know what that means? A cooler packed full of Whole30 approved foods. Not like I eat bad while I’m here, it’s just hard to not have my own fridge handy and cook in my 3×5 kitchen. And I would be lying if I said I always eat perfect.

The hardest part is not getting little snacks here and there, like those deadly Smokehouse almonds that are stashed in my boyfriend’s cabinet. I think I need to stop watching Food Network for a while too. I find myself gawking at the TV and dreaming about how awesome of a judge I would be on Chopped and Cupcake Wars. YUM.

I’ve had a terrible headache all day and both of my sisters (who have done the Whole30 challenge) said that it might just be from making the switch to super clean eating. I just want it to stop! It’s not cool to feel like a little guy is constantly banging a hammer to my forehead.

On a positive note, I got my hair done by my sister and she did wonderful! I knew she would but getting your hair done by someone you are related to makes for a much better experience. No awkward, annoying talk and sitting uncomfortably for 2 hours.

So, I’m almost done with day 4. Feeling good. No super hard temptations. Yet. I’ll be fine though. I could use a nap now and some food, so I’m going to nibble down some meat and beets! Isn’t that neat? Haha alright. Until next time… Keep it whole people! (not whole grain… Or any grains)

Lesson of the day: Sisters are amazing. Bottom line. Nothing beats the strong bond between us!

Day 2 hubaloo

DREAM ALERT!  So almost every night, I remember all of my crazy dreams and love to try to analyze them.  Last night, I had one the I cheated…. no, not on my boyfriend… even worse.  On my Whole30 (ha kidding about the bf).  I was out to dinner with a whole bunch of people and started eating a salad with croutons and french dressing.  Then had some other stuff and didn’t realize I was cheating until after I was done eating.  Talk about a freak out session in a dream!

Analyze it, Caroline!. That’s not healthy to be thinking about cheating and getting so upset.  I read a post about cheating in dreams before, but I feel I know my level of control and am going to calmly keep going at it.  I already feel awesome and still super freakin motivated.  Plus, Wayne Dyer entered back into my life today (see below) so everything seems 100 times better =)

So, yep, Day 2 = successful.  Well, it’s not quite over but I know I am going to be good.  I found a really good breakfast. An I-wake-up-excited-because-I-get-to-eat-it good meal.  Here it is if you want to try (highly suggested!).

It started raining out about an hour ago and since then I feel like my mood got worse.  Actually, I take that back.  It started when I went to my class today… It’s supposed to be a class that prepares us for our MANDATORY summer internship, but it’s more like a stress-filled, cortisol-heightening 50 minutes.  I’m not the only one that feels like that so I don’t feel as bad saying that.  I found out that we have to write a bazillion papers all summer; not that many, but it seems like it!

Walking back home from hell class, I walked by a girl on the phone with her boyfriend (I’m assuming), yelling about her calling him and being all psycho.  That made me walk a little faster, didn’t want to hear that.  Then I almost got hit by a car.  That’s always exciting (not my fault).

I went to Starbucks because my HUGE apartment sometimes gets to me (joking, it’s perfect size for a hamster).  The aroma of coffee always helps the day seem a little brighter and it definitely helped me plow through some homework.  I brought my own snack to eat there because their Cake Pops and over-sized, heavenly cookies don’t make my Whole30 list.  So I hope that the people sitting around me liked the smell of hard-boiled eggs haha

What really topped my day off (for real) was listening to “Wishes Fulfilled” by my idol, Dr. Wayne Dyer while I was making food for this weekend.  I think I had goosebumps the entire time I was listening, it was beautiful and I can’t wait to listen to more!  If you haven’t read or heard of him, it’s life-changing!

All that’s left of my second day of Whole30 is brushing my teeth, showering, and gawking at all the apartments/condos on ‘Selling New York’.  And maybe some Food Network.  I watch it way too much and it makes me hungry so it might not be cool to watch right now.

Lesson of the day, as stated by Bob Marley: “Don’t worry about a thing…’cause every little thing gonna be alright”

Life [shouldn’t be] by the numbers

Anniversaries, miles, time, calories, body fat percentage, ounces, pounds… Our life is based around numbers and sometimes, well a lot of the time, I get annoyed by how focused we have become over them.

For one of my classes, I had to measure a student’s body composition.  They volunteered for extra credit to let us do skin folds, Bod Pod (the “gold standard” of them all), and underwater weigh (the other “gold standard”) them; obviously they wanted to know their body fat percentage because… who doesn’t?? It’s a tangible number that we are told to measure our health by – male bodybuilders are around 3% and freaky lean bodybuilding females are anywhere from 6-10%.

So, after skinfolding, I took my client to the Bod Pod and did the procedures.  When I was done, results printed out and the client was anxious to know them – the percentage was classified as “moderately lean” AKA a good, healthy number.  Once the student saw the number, I saw an immediate look of dissatisfaction on their face.  It broke my heart.

By looking at the student, they looked lean and were definitely not overweight.  I just knew that this number was not what they viewed as “ideal” and no matter what I said, I knew it wouldn’t help.  I know that because I experienced the same thing.  No matter what “number” you’re labelled as, you’re never happy.  That’s why I hate scales – they say NOTHING about how healthy you are.

By labelling people by numbers (whether it’s your weight, bodyfat percentage, calories eaten…), it serves as negative feedback that fuels obsessive, unhealthy behavior.  I wish I could have told the student to throw away the number, workout right (ahem, CrossFit), and eat clean (ahem, Paleo).  If that’s done right, your body will take care of itself.

That’s part of why I love the concept of Paleo/Whole30/Primal – no counting calories.  I used to fill notebooks up with my daily calories and obsess over the amount.  SO unhealthy.  Now the only numbers I know are for my WODs.  It’s much better that way.  FORGET ABOUT THE NUMBERS. Focus on quality.  It’s that easy.

Speaking of numbers… Day 1 of Whole30 is done.  I’m trying to not count days because then it feels like I’m counting down to failure.  But for the sake of the program, I’m tracking it on here.  It’s been awesome already.  Besides the 2 hours of the day when I wanted to cheat, I got through and ate some yummy food.  I’ll post some of the recipes later on.

Grass fed beef for dinner.  HOLY COW (no pun intended) I love that stuff!  And brussels sprouts, a lot of them.  Maybe too many?  Is that possible?  I feel great though, besides the fact I need to shower.  Time for some nighttime tea and a hot, hot shower.

Lesson of the day: STOP weighing yourself… throw out your scale right now.  STOP counting calories and eat healthy clean food.  And don’t forget about old onions in the cabinet… they are disgusting. (oops!!!) 🙂

Oh, and this was the first Wednesday in 5 weeks I wasn’t sitting at my computer from 6:58pm on constantly hitting refresh on the CF games page… pretty pathetic.

First post since The Rainbow Fish diary

Welcome!  Ok, so this is my first ever blog so excuse me if it seems weird or unnatural… I haven’t really journaled or written in a diary since probably sixth grade, but I always liked it since I was probably 6 years old.  I even had a little Rainbow Fish diary with a key so no one could read about my thoughts on my sisters’ moods and how tired I was from the weekly 3or 4 mile walk with my dad.

Right now, I write for my school (Illinois State University) paper, The Daily Vidette.  I am the Fitness Columnist and I also write a weekly editorial.  Besides all that, I am graduating in May with my BA in Exercise Science and I cannot wait to be done.  I would choose to work any day over school!

Aaaaanywho, I decided to start this blog because I am starting a Whole30 challenge tomorrow!  I would love to go more than 30 days, so maybe I should call it Whole45.  I don’t know if anyone will even read this, but it keeps me busy and keeps my mind off of food, so I don’t really care  😛

I have been feely just blah for a while and I thought…whole 30.  Let’s do it.  I was going to wait until my CrossFit gym (FitBodies CrossFit woo!) started theirs, but I needed something sooner.  Plus, my birthday and graduation are both in May, so unless alcohol has been whole30 approved, I would be screwed by then.  Bad excuse, but it’s true.  We’ll see how far I go!  I’m pumped to do it.  I went to the store tonight and LOADED up on veggies and some meat and eggs.  Already made my breakfast for the next four days woot woot!

No more little cheats like I had been letting myself get away with… Goodbye carob raisins (Mmmm), Cadbury eggs that stared at me when I was checking out at Walgreens, Cocoa covered almonds, salad dressing, and paleo crack bars (I would find myself eating the whole batch.. talk about a stomach ache).

Tomorrow.  Day 1.  I am ready.  3…2…1…Go!